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Vape batteries


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Just find an ebay seller who isn't bothered about the rules much, AFAIK the mail aren't opening 'suspect' packages or x-raying them, so they have to rely on the 'honesty' of the seller admitting what is really in anything sent.


Its a box ticker, the mail want the money, but have to be seen to complying with regs.

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Hi I’m trying to stop smoking by switching to vaping, iv got a vape but I just need batteries for it, it doesn’t let me buy batteries off amazon for some reason saying that they don’t ship them to any uk islands so was wondering if anyone knows where I can get batteries for my vape

what kind of vape is it we stock a few batteries

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Not vaping I'm afraid, but can anyone help me get onto this new 'njord' thing?


I just keep getting a blank page...


Has shetlink finished.


Would appreciate any help.


There's maybe a vaping place in the toll clock centre..


Many thanks

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