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Mouse in the house


what to do with a mouse  

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  1. 1. what to do with a mouse

    • set mouse traps
    • shoot it
    • get a few cats

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A snake? Gulp :shock:


There were no takers for my bits of Mars bar last night, so I will give the peanut butter a go tonight.


I hadn't heard the bucket idea before - I have the feeling that when I tell that one to my other half he will want to try it in the outbuilding, where they have eaten all the pumpkin seeds he had saved from this year's crop.


Thanks, guys!

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Because a mouse had been feeding on a large bag of birdseed in our porch I put the bag inside a black bag sized bin. Today when I went to feed the birds I lifted the bag to find a mouse running around inside it. I secured the bag and drove it round to the old road btween Scalloway and the Brig of Fitch where I released the mouse back into the wild.

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Came back from holiday once to find a baby mouse had managed to fall into the emtpy bin and couldn't get out. Was just still alive so we fed it with sugar water to get life back into it and released it. Da wifes perogative! They say you need to release them at least a couple of miles away or they get back to you? Who knows?


Anyway... there was more than one kicking about so I ended up buying those electronic things that steer them away from you. Directed them all towards next door :twisted: ...


Funny thing - a couple of weeks later met next doors man on the bus and he's complaining about this mouse infestation :lol: arf arf :twisted:

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I watched with horror once as my father partially filled a bucket with water and placed a dob of peanut butter on a stick and then placed the stick over the open top of the bucket. The next morning the bucket had several mice floating in it. I suppose that's one way?

time honoured method yes , simple but effective

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my sister caught 15 mice in a humane trap,i asked her whar she wis slipping dem,"in da steedin"she said.so i asked her tae pent da nixt een wi stock marker spray.guess whit,da nixt een she caught wis pentit.tout it wis dat daft it wis funny,da moos wid ging intae her hoos fur meat dan she wid pit him home.

da best thing i fin tae pit in traps is da caramel fae twix,chew it first dan stick it tae da trap,can be used time eftir time,a'm caught 14 sae far,in plastic traps,aa dead.

strange wan when i hed a croft oot wast,i caught a frog in dat trap.

even stranger wis when me bridder caught a pollcat in a rat trap in his sitting room.

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Always had success using a glass milk bottle baited with bacon rind


Put cooked bacon rind in a milk bottle and set it at an angle the mice get in to eat but cant get up the slope of the bottle to get out as it is greasy


Just pop in oven and gas them.....

And before any body screams " Mouse Rights" it is a very humane way od disposing of them

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What really freaks me out is when the mice start chewing your walls in the middle of the night, if only my family had a chance to have a cat (but my father is allergic to them) and why can't they invent some sort of robot cat which is ideal for allergics.

What I'd like to see is a mouse getting killed by a mouse trap instead of it being there like you don't see the action.

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