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Hoping to move to Shetland in 2019


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Depends where you want to live. If you're happy on the outer Islands (Yell/Unst/Fetlar/Whalsay) you would get a place very quickly. Though jobs on the Islands are thin on the ground. In Lerwick, you could be waiting a few months. Alternatively, you move out of town but on the bus route, North or South of Lerwick. 


Private rental prices can be high. Not as high as they were in the boom years of the Oil. But all the same, some folk are still charging some ridiculous prices for flats. A bed(sit) in Lerwick will be anything from £450-£500 a month, yet outside of Town, you can get a house from £500 a month. Depends how convenient you want things.


There is always minimum wage going on Shetland and more professional jobs; Tesco, Co-op, fish processing, cleaning work, labouring jobs. If you're not proud and don't mind getting your hands dirty you can always earn a crust. Shetland Times on Fridays for the jobs pages and myjobscotland and SIC are good places to look. I would say that you need a job on Shetland. Not just for the money, but it is also a way of keeping in touch with people, especially if you're living out of town.


Shetland is a grand place to live, but you will be told quite accurately, that "you know you like Shetland" if you can stay through a couple of winters. This is when the white noise from wind can be incessant, the rain falls upwards into your face and you get a delivery estimate from Amazon that only shows the year  :rofl:  

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Shetland Jobs on Facebook are worth a follow as they amalgamate jobs from a few different sources. Art Machine may be worth saying hello to for graphics related jobs. Then there's the museum which has a fine bunch of folk and I'm sure someone would be willing to help on the archaeology side of things. Jobs doing what you want do do exist up here but there's usually only one of them!

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You can get a double bedroom in Lerwick for £350 a month all in.

Friends of mine have been on the council waiting list for years but some people seem to be able to waltz into a house.

Seems to be plenty of jobs available in shops etc.

Although there does seem to be a thing now where they will only take you on for say 12-20 hours a week.

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