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So £6 million granted to get rid of Orkneys Stoats . Would a similar project be feasible to rid Shetland of its feral polecats which must do a lot of damage to wildlife of all sorts . https://www.orcadian.co.uk/6-million-stoat-project-to-bring-more-than-20-jobs-to-orkney/?fbclid=IwAR2_hPEG5Mj0sluWAYTMUtN5oz0AQ8jCqvCIO43dOkfJj1b5WHlGskTfT6s


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Its not stoats i was on about it was feral ferrets/polecats . Interestingly polecats are known to kill stoats and their young .   The project in Orkney has received £6 million in grants which will fund 22 full time jobs in rural parts of those islands . 

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For the sake of the ground nesting birds in Shetland, removing the feral ferrets altogether would

be a great thing. The council put a price on their heads at one time and the numbers were certainly

being reduced as a result. However, in their wisdom the council decided after a year or two to call

a halt to the programme. That was a mistake, as the numbers soon recovered.

The hedgehog is also an alien species as far as the northern isles are concerned and they should

also be removed. They also do great damage to ground nesting birds by eating the eggs and the

nestlings. This is a problem for many birds, skylarks, meadow pipits, ringed plovers, lapwings, etc.

Hedgehogs were removed from part of the western isles not long ago for exactly that reason. They have

been introduced by misguided people, another big mistake.

Considering the quantity of predatory birds, crows, ravens, several species of gull, and the

skuas, the last thing ground nesting birds need are introduced predatory mammals. Hedgehog

numbers have plummeted on the mainland where they belong, they need help too. So when going

south for a holiday take one with you, it would help both causes.

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as all land mammals are introduced species it would be a sad shetland if they were all removed. are we to remove humans as we kill loads with our cars ect.  hedgehogs are in decline nationally lets protect ours. now rats are becoming more common and pose a bigger problem. 

Remove humans ? Why not.  Just let nature run the place.. 

Except that both hedgehogs and rats devastate hatches of ground nesting birds.  Where are you going to draw the line ?

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