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Anybody been paying any attention to what 'bad news' has been being 'buried' around Westminster and Brussels et al while all this Brexit crap has been taking centre stage these last few months?


I don't buy it that at least a few politicians and civil servants aren't making use of the opportunity to quietly push ahead with a few things that would cause a riot in 'normal' circumstances.

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Keeping on doing the same thing repeatedly hoping for a different result is a sign of something else though.   I'm all for democracy, but if you re-run the same vote too close together that process be

^Corrrrrong again. I've just come to learn that folk like you aren't worth the time.   You eased yourself in here and have somehow managed to make a forum that was already a shallow version of itself

Boris and his authoritarian Tory government have tried to bypass parliament twice and both times they've been found guilty of abusing their power by the highest court in the land. Thankfully in this c



As a lot already suspected.  The road to the biggest "hijack" of a democratic vote has been laid out.


We just have to remember the names of the "remainers".


The only thing appropriate about that date is that it fits perfectly the devious, evil old witch that she is.

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So, does this mean we'll be invited to participate in farcical EU elections on May 23rd?

The latest bizarre twists in this embarrassing Brexit fiasco coming from our masters in London...We should leave this undemocratic institution over which we have no say before they have elections where we get to have a say.

We shouldn't be allowed to have a vote because having a vote would be an insult to democracy.

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