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Brexit (merged threads)


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This is something I have yet to understand; the reverence of being invaded by the Norse when the Pictish folk, and their time eternal link to the NE mainland, were here long before. Favouring subjugation over reunification has always been a puzzler


Anyway, I'm with Mr Stormzy and his beautifully orchestrated Glastonbury tribute to Boris (live on the BBC). His music may have me reaching quickly for the off button, but the sentiment is right on the mark.

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Hunt and Johnson seem to have lost their grip of reality as well as public finance, merrily conjuring up imaginary money and continuing to make undeliverable populist promises whilst we trundle toward a no-deal Brexit


"Finance minister Philip Hammond has warned the two candidates that their plans would cost more than the headroom in his budget."


Factbox: Bonfire of the Brexit cash - UK leader candidates' spending promises


The initial post-Brexit economic shock and ill-considered post Brexit finance gamble, combined with their farcical spending promises, does not bode well for the future of our economy. If they can't do basic arithmetic then I don't fancy their chances of negotiating a prudent financial settlement with the EU. I hope there are enough Tory rebels that see through their blatant financial populism to put a stop to it.

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It doesn't come as a surprise that a close associate of the Brexit Party has been implicated in the recent leaking of diplomatic emails -  https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-party-richard-tice-darroch-18206347


I s'pose we'll just have to chalk it up to another example of illegality from the Leave EU camp and press on with taking back control, or whatever it is we're doing  :roll:

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^ It's amazing how often you come across peeps pandering to the WasteMonster, their Greco-Germanic royalty and, of course, struggling to enforce membership of the E.U. upon us, as opposed to the result re the vote arranged by very Westminstorean David Cameron. The remain freaks show just what they are prepared to do - regardless of how democratic Westminster allows us to enjoy a wee vote here or there, regardless what they choose to inflict upon us.

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A recent Scottish government report stated that Brexit could create 5000 new jobs in the Scottish fishing industry .  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/06/06/scottish-government-report-admits-brexit-could-generate-540/


Do you have a link for the original report - I don't have a subscription for the Telegraph. Cheers



I found a few other articles about the same report which were published in June 2018. The context for the "5000 new jobs" is unlikely to be a reality with a hard Brexit, and according to the Herald the Scottish Government considered it to be “the least likely or plausible” of 4 modelled scenarios in the report.


For balance, The Herald says another of the Brexit scenarios in the report would lead to an £85m economic hit and the loss of 429 jobs.






All of the potential Brexit benefits to Scottish fishing depend on Westminster not negotiating them away during the glut of trade deals that will follow

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