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An alternative explanation is that Boris's rich pals stand to make a killing in a no deal Brexit and he is just prevaricating to help that through.


Or he is just an idiot out of his depth.


Or both. Back when they were trying to push for no-deal the first time, it was mentioned by a few about the billions many Conservative backers were set to make from shorting on the Pound. Much like what that downstanding pillar of poop Mark Francois did previously during the leave poopshow. I have no doubt that things are being pushed for that will make some people a load richer... not that they need to be. Such is life - but people keep voting these rich twits in and believing the media which is run by [guess who] those looking to make themselves even more stupidly rich.


Boris is packing it in in February though and he's likely looking to set himself up comfortably (as one would) when looking retirement squarely in the eye. Unfortunately, it's the UK he's forking around with and not just racking up overtime for his final salary figure. 

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I read now that a French fishing captain has said we are facing naval battles if we walk away without a deal.


It has been said many times by remainers that the fishing industry is only a tiny part of the UK economy, and really not worth getting excited about.


It seems the French are prepared to enter into battle over it. 


They must feel it's a major part of their economy eh? They certainly seem excited about it!

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^^Have they made the French fishing captain President of France or an Admiral in the French Navy?

Maybe we could clean the pigeon crap off Nelson, take him off his column and tie him to the wheel of HMS Victory and send it into the Channel.

The stuck in the past Brexiteers could line Plymouth docks and give a rousing rendition of Rule Britannia and wave Union Jacks to send them off.

This reminds me of a story a Shetland fishing captain once told me, he said he could pee out of the side of his oilskins without taking them off, I took one look at his waistline and did a quick mental calculation and came to the conclusion that maybe, just sometimes, fishermen can embellish things a little bit like the rest of us.

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The stuck in the past Brexiteers could line Plymouth docks and give a rousing rendition of Rule Britannia and wave Union Jacks to send them off..


Personally, I would rather we lined Faslane and told Westminster to take their subs south, and gave a rousing rendition of Flower of Scotland while proudly waving Saltires and Lion Rampants and a huge great Shetland flag, and building a great big wall along the border between Scotland and........


Be proud of James III. 

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Well George, I really dont think Shetland, (or Orkney for that matter), have any reason to be proud of any links with Scottish nobility, we certainly have no reason to be grateful.

James lll was a pretty useless monarch by all accounts, and if we have a close look at James V and that bar steward son of his Earl Patrick, we have every reason to despise Scottish nobility.

We must demolish Scalloway and Muness castles as they were built using forced, slave labour by our Scottish masters.

I remember an SNP man holding a photoshoot at Scalloway castle.

Bit of an own goal that really.

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^I would suggest Claadehol, that although nobody is perfect the inhabitants of the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, et al south of the border and their Greco-Germanic roots, make it very clear that with the Houses of both Bruce and Stewart we were very lucky.


And we are still expected to pander to the British Government - for no justifiable reason.


IMHO of course.

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Well lets have a close look at the criminal fiascos at Holyrood shall we George?

 Our Nicola and Salmond enquiry, Salmond's dodgy behaviour generally, Margaret Ferrier and her justifiable attacks on Cumming then her own more serious sins, Mackay and the grooming scandal, (like Ferrier still on full pay), and other SNP politicians who have been through the court systems.

"Let he who is without sin.....etc."

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^Have you considered the illegalities that Boris has been involved in, Claadehol?


Supreme Court: Suspending Parliament was unlawful, judges rule


And, of course, there has been a lot more going on over the years.


Cyril Smith, the serial paedophile to whom the establishment turned a blind eye


And there have been a lot, lot more. All of us at it, and Westminster is proof.


British politicians convicted of crimes

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Yes George I have considered the UK government record and this just proves politicians are all the same. The SNP portraying themselves as whiter than white has come back to bite them. They are as crooked and as guilty of hypocracy as the rest of them.


Politicians as a species are interested mainly in their own short term financial benefit, and will say or do anything either publicly or behind the scenes to achieve that personal goal. 


As we have seen, that applies to both Westminster and Holyrood.

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"...this summit appears explicitly to rule out a Canada-style deal, I have concluded that we should get ready for January 1 with arrangements that are more like Australia’s....


CON 1)The UK is desperately seeking much more access than Canada gets in it's free trade agreement, one example being the EU's banking passport for free trade in Banking and Financial Services.

CON 2)Australia doesn't have a free trade agreement with the EU, they deal with the EU on WTO terms.


Canada "style" deal


"Australian arrangements"


Weasel words aimed to mislead us and shift blame from his government's huge incompetence.

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