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Brexit (merged threads)


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Good point. I’ll give it some thought while I’m tucking into my rubbery, chemically filled Australian lamb roast, quietly wondering why the dogs are turning their noses up at the scraps.

Maybe you’re right, I really do struggle to find any positives from Brexit Britain. There’s probably loads of other plus points to take from Shetland’s crofters getting bludgeoned by the Brexit sledgehammer.

Let me try and think positively...

No noisy baaaaing, especially at this time of year.


OH!  No sheep on the roads, that’s a good one...


struggling here....

No more itchy gansey’s? Not sure about this one, wool can be bought.

That’s all I can think of for me personally but I’m not a crofter. I can’t see it giving much comfort to those friends and family who either make a living from crofting or supplement their income from it.

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What has the NFU really worried is if they throw farming under the bus in the Australian trade agreement it means any future trade agreement has that as a benchmark. When they approach USA, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand etc the first thing they’re going to say is “we want what you gave Australia and we’re not budging until we get it”. Economies of scale will lead to even the largest UK farmers struggling to compete.

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51 minutes ago, Colin said:

Then, you would have to ask why we need any 'Trade Deals' at all.  Why not just lock the doors and throw the keys away ?

I would imagine it is because other countries can produce things that we want that we can't produce here, for example oranges or bananas, and in turn, we can produce things that other countries can't. If we're going to be trading with another country, it makes sense to strike a trade deal to cut down on the red tape .

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I find it very telling that these stuck in the past ministers still believe they can strut over to Australia like imperial overlords.

Looking down their noses and insulting their Australian counterparts is seriously counter-productive as we have just found out to our great cost.

To the disbelief and amusement of the Australians, the highly experienced Australian trade envoy has dug his heels in, tied Liz Truss in knots and managed to get everything they were looking for in the trade negotiations.

If you read this link, you’ll see the British exceptionalism dripping from these pompous morons.


From the link...

“She plans to sit him down in the Locarno Room [in the Foreign Office] in an uncomfortable chair, so he has to deal with her directly for nine hours,” said the source.

The source reportedly described Mr Tehan as “inexperienced” compared to Ms Truss, adding: “He needs to show that he can play at this level.”

Australia’s ABC News said the comments were greeted “with a mixture of disbelief and laughter” in Canberra.

The inexperience jibe was regarded as all the more peculiar as before entering parliament, Mr Tehan worked from 1995 at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and later as senior adviser to the trade minister, before serving as director of trade policy and international affairs with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Disagree,  there is an ongoing growth in people making sustainable choices in food purchase, sustainable in that buying Shetland produce first followed by British is what we should all be doing. The power is always in the hands of the consumer. If we all adopt that mind set the local producers will flourish and without subsidy if we process less tax through inefficient supra national politburos..   By the way, supermarket freezers have been full of New Zealand lamb for years and many other globally sourced food stuffs line supermarket shelves, the choice has been there for many decades

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