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BBC Scotland Weather Map.


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Has anyone else in Shetland noticed that since MeteoGroup took over the contract from the Met Office for providing weather forecasts and the graphics to go with the forecasts, Shetland is not fully on the map? Most of the time Unst is missing completely, the rest of the time it's a good chunk of the rest of Shetland that isn't on the map. This evening's 6:30 news almost completely lost Shetland off the edge of the graphics screen, yet showed England as far south as Hull!! I'm not a true Shetlander, having moved here in June 2013, but I feel it's really insulting to the people of Shetland. I've even commented on the BBC Scotland Weather Twitter page but have never received a response, which is even more insulting. 


I now subscribe to the Met Office Scotland YouTube Channel, which does show the whole of Shetland. 

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Must admit that I never watch a forecast on the telly now as I get mine online as you can then choose a more specific area, but when I stopped watching it they had at least stopped putting Shetland in a wee box to the east of Aberdeen - which they did for decades :rofl:

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