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Donald Trump  

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Is Biden mentally capable to become president of the USA ? Here he is calling himself Jo Bidens husband https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GMd4djB5eY


Nah man he just looked in the mirror said, DAMN im gonna put a ring on THAT!

Joe is the only candidate who can spot a Dog faced pony soldier and put her in her place just like he did with Mr. C. Pop

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It's foolhardy to try to brush the NY Times recent "Long-concealed records show Trump’s chronic losses and years of tax avoidance" story away as fake or biased news given the pedigree of the investigative journalists who wrote it (two of them, Susanne Craig and Russ Buettner, won a Pulitzer Prize for previous stories on Trump's finances).


I think the right leaning media know that and seem to be attempting to portray Trump as some sort of ordinary guy who is just doing what anyone else would do to avoid paying tax, pay his family members inflated wages and use his position to enrich himself. Trump himself seems to be the only person trying to deny the story.


But if he has conducted his business affairs unethically or outwith the law, will it really sway his voter base? It certainly won't be the first time his dubious ethics and disregard for legalities has strengthened his standing amongst his fans.


And interestingly his reported personal debt liabilities could well see a sitting president be declared bankrupt should he win in November.


But never mind all that, quick, look over there. Hilary's email.... and there's some new accusations against Biden's son etc etc

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^You've happily taken that out of context (he was talking about being true to himself) and heard what you wanted to. Much like the articles you post links to that have little to do with what you say they do. He said "be" not "beat". It didn't take much to find that out.


You're also picking a strange fight here since Trump is way ahead of talking utter gibberish.

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Oh well The United States of America had a good run



I think Trump and the mob are symptoms rather than the cause internal decay was there long before he entered politics.

There were plenty of far left riots and non stop complaining about trump over the last 5 years so its only fair the other team gets to complain about him leaving and i think crashing a party in the government building is a better choice than looting and burning down a grocery store in a poor neighborhood to fight racism.


They are being bigger babies than the Belorussians who threw a temper tantrum after Alexander Lukashenkos perfectly legit win!

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I wonder if Trump was pleased with the actions of the mob he fired up, or perhaps he gave himself a little fright when he realised how far they were prepared to go?

Don't credit him with more than he deserves. Trump was merely a stepping stone in a game that has its roots back when he was still a fresh faced youngster and Trump Tower and getting his leg over Ivana only existed in his wet dreams. He saw his niche in the machine, and the machine saw they could use him, and did.


'This' neither came with Trump nor will it go with Trump, Trump is a symptom of something much bigger and much greater, and very possibly something he doesn't even comprehend.


If America keeps on going the way its going it may yet go down in the history books that the first shot and victim of the race war/civil war was when Ashli Babbitt was shot on Capitol Hill.


I don't expect you to believe a word I've said, but disregard the sensationalist propaganda that fills every media outlet and the rabid blogger and vlogger narcissist garbage and take the time to get to know and talk to a diverse selection of regular Americans who live in America, and want nothing more than to go about their days and business quietly and unassumingly getting on with their lives. There's an invisible powder keg out there, that's becoming ever increasingly unstable with the passage of time. Just like Trump slipped neatly in to a niche that existed at the time he put his name on the ballot, a spark will come along when the time comes that lands in that keg blowing the whole damn lot sky high.

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"Hoist on his own petard" maybe, although I do not believe for one minute the vitriolic anti-Trump rhetoric pumped out gleefully by the left leaning media.   IMHO, they are just as culpable as Trump is for the whole debacle.


The oxygen of publicity is fine up to a point, but it should be noted that to much oxygen is poisonous.


America appears to be  deeply divided, and if this is the case, something has got to break at some point.  Like the Titanic (or a very large jobbie) it will break in two and sink.. :roll:


As GR said, this has been a long time coming to a head.  Perhaps it's not over yet ?

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