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Donald Trump (poll)

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Donald Trump  

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So Trump is having his own private party on Biden's Inauguration Day


"In refusing to attend Biden’s inauguration, Trump becomes the first president in a century to choose not to be in attendance for his successor taking the presidential oath"

No surprise and probably for the best, but I feel a little cheated that we won't get to see closeups of his reactions at the inauguration!

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I see he's not pardoned himself or family... yet. But Steve Bannon (amongst others) gets a pass for ripping off supporters donating money to build his wall. I'm gonna go out on a limb here - stabbing in the dark as I go - and surmise Steve has a good deal of dirt on Trump and this is some sort of buy-off.

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Trump is almost guaranteed to be let off because of the fact that a significant number of the 'jury' (i.e. Republican Senators) could be implicated if he is found guilty.

Senator Josh Hawley, for example, was one of the most active 'stop the steal' conspirators, was at the pre-riot rally firing up the troops and started a fundraising campaign during the actual riot, and has reportedly not even been ion the Senate floor to hear the evidence against Trump. But he gets a vote.

How many Republican Senators would be willing or able to listen impartially to the evidence without considering their own political careers and their loyalties to colleagues? 17 of them need to vote against Trump, the most popular (populist?) Republican candidate in a generation. 

IMHO the US impeachment process isn't fit for purpose. It should really be a matter for the Supreme Court as they are (on paper) free from political influence.

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