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Donald Trump (poll)

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Donald Trump  

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A friend, American. Well educated, and at the top of his career. I assumed he would be against Trump, but was gobsmacked to learn he thought that Trump was exactly what America needed. I say gobsmacked because I think Trump is just what America needs - sometimes an opinionated loud mouth achieves more than a mild Liberal....in the short term

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That's the whole point..  No matter how you dress it up, a majority of Americans voted for him.  Maybe they were fed up with their political establishment ? who knows !


I'm still waiting for someone to tell me just why they "Hate" the man.  My wife "Hates" him and, despite all the waffle, hasn't been able to explain to me why..  Just wondering if this TDS thing is real, imaginary, or result of the Facebook "lemming" mentality where "leaders" decide on a course of action, and everybody else follows suit !..

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Trump's net worth makes him very difficult to buy off, in stark contrast to the procession of failed lawyers and opportunists who have preceded him this last while.


Likewise, he didn't need to 'talk the talk' to ingratiate himself in to the higher echelons of political circles, who in turn would normally punt hi to the US electorate as 'ideal material'. He's been a household name since at least the 70's, all he had to do was sell himself to the voters.


The US political establishment of course hates him for both of those things, he's made them look superfluous and rather silly, and the rabble rousing from behind the scenes, that's wafted around as 'hate' ever since his election is a consequence of that. They, and the left in general have had their collective nose well and truly put out of joint.


Trump is little different, better or worse than most senior politicians. He's just a plain talker, who takes a decision, announces it, and gets on with it, as opposed to the senior political "norm" of talking muchly but saying next to nothing, dressing things up to appear what its not to make it as pretty and fluffy as possible to sell to the public, then spending forever 'justifying' what they finally do as being what they promised, when on the face of it, there's no appearance of it.


Of course many will hate him for his personality, his character, his policies, his principles, his beliefs, the list is endless, but the same is equally true for any public figure. Whatever may be justifiably said about Trump on any other subject, his style of crude 'honesty' is something that hasn't been seen in higher political circles for far too long, and is a very welcome change regardless who delivers it.

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An honest, straightforward politician ?  Remarkable..  I just wish that we had a few of them instead of the prats that just "chant the party mantra". 


Trump certainly seems to have polarised the Americans but, he has been elected by a majority to, arguably, the highest political office in the western world.  Why can't the losing side just get on with things instead of causing continual disruption ?  I'm just getting sick and tired of the barrage of abuse hurled at our television every time Trump's name is mentioned.


Well, he certainly seemed to be capable of telling the EU how it was gonna be!  Perhaps he could give May a few tips?

I don't think that May is capable of accepting "tips" from anyone.  She comes across as far to arrogant to be "told" anything.  Never liked the woman anyway.

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An honest, straightforward politician ?


Hey now. lets not get too carried away. ;-)


Cutting straight past all the waffle of the arm waving gesticulating muppets we've had far too many of in this country in recent decades, and a bit of plain blunt taking now and again is a very welcome change, but its still a long way south of honest and straightforward.


Trump is a (allegedly - cough) 'successful businessman', he can sprootle it with the best of them, and sell sand to an Arab when he sets his mind to it too, He just appreciates the value of saying what he believes needs saying without making it all flowery, and getting on with the job at hand.


I can't say I agree with half of what he says and does, if even that much, but at least you can easily know what he's about. Something that's been sadly missing from PUSA's for several decades.

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He is not perfect but who is and he is what America needs.

Please justify your statement.


I believe that "Trump" rhymes with two things. It rhymes with "Stump", and, of course, it also rhymes with, "Leeching, parasitical yanky idiot." That, however, is not a claim that is stated as being factual.

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Trump's net worth makes him very difficult to buy off


Trump & Family are, and have been for years (decades?), up to their respective oxters to the likes of Deutsche Bank (DB) e.g. after defaulting on a loan to DB, him then trying and failing to counter by suing them for $3 billion, he then borrows from DB to pay DB off. /s Genius!


He was some £300 million in debt to them in 2016. Sprinkle the fact DB were fined $500 million for laundering $10 billion of Russian money for some sugar on top. Then add a cherry consisting of decidedly dogy ties between DB, the Russian state-owned (well hello Mr Putin) VTB Bank and Trump.


And then there's the whole ex lawyer going to jail in part for paying off two ladies Trump cheated on his wife with. I'd say he's not exactly Mr Teflon.



....and Hillary would have been a squeaky clean angel in comparison?!?


Don't think so! Its the cesspit big business and higher political circles is. The Clinton/Trump election wasn't about putting in the candidate the majority of who voted favoured for the Prez, it was about whether more folk despised Trump or Clinton most, and putting one in to keep the other out. The last five least US Prez elections have been diabolical charades that would have been absolutely hilarious were they not so serious. Shall we vote for Tweedledum or Tweedledee, and shall we vote for Forrest Gump or Al Bundy covers them......You put up to chimps for election, it doesn't matter who wins, you still get a chimp taking office (with sincere apologies to all chimps, who may quite understandably be deeply offended by the comparison).


There's always a relationship between financial and political power, they go hand in hand. The difference with Trump is that he's climbed the ladder primarily on the 'business' side, where one manoeuvre's the money around to achieve 'success', whereas those who have tread the same path as he in recent decades in the higher levels of US politics, have almost all come from climbing the "politics" side, where one need only bring the gift of the gab, and a talent for brown nosing and back scratching to the table to achieve 'success'.


Is the product of one in some way 'better' than the product of the other? Good question! The end result that it brings out different 'talents'. in different people though, is undeniable.


Given that I'm no fan of people who believe they can talk the masses in to, or out of anything if they just keep talking sh*te long enough, and I thoroughly despise brown-nosing and back scratching, I know whcih seems the lesser evil to me.

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I wonder if there's any proof to back these claims? Even if there is, it may all change next month, next week or possibly after the next cup of coffee.Trump is a fool and the people that voted him in were fooled into doing so. That's just my opinion, of course. I don't state it as being factual.

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