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^And bits of that debunking want debunking e.g. Dems want walls, just not one continuous wall. Your youtube randomer illustrates perfectly how both sides are guilty of misrepresenting each others views to vilify the opponent into oblivion. And it's working so well  :roll:


In other news you couldn't make up if you tried, Trump is now claiming he never said Mexico would pay for the wall. Here's an article about it from one of his most favourite sources; remember those fake Time covers he put up at his golf course(s)?



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"Trump credits people of faith with the abolition of civil rights"

A simple tongue slip... of course.

LGBTQ, gay, atheist, bi/trans ally, proud SJW, Zack Ford, likely has some previous in misplaced tongue slips himself.
In the same way there is not one single piece of evidence to back the claims that Trump is racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic or literally Hitler... we can dismiss this this as the autistic screeching, of those suffering from Trump derangement syndrome; who jump on every perceived 'gotcha' as evidence, to prove the reality of things from their own imagination, that aren't really real.

We can safely assume here, that Trump was actually (attempting) to point to the fact, that people of faith can indeed be (at least in part) credited with the abolition of slavery and the creation of civil rights.
(not available in Islam)

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This is funny / worrying. Trump the dealmaker has no idea what a Memorandum of Understanding is.

Except he does.

As he clearly explained.


Article 4 of the MOU between the US department of Commerce international Trade Administration and the European Commission directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry specifically states: " "This MOU is concluded with a view to enhancing and developing cooperation between the Participants and is not intended to create any legal obligations under domestic or international law between them or their countries or institutions and does not constitute an international agreement. No provision of this MOU is to be interpreted and implemented as creating legal rights or binding commitments for the Participants. "

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