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An interesting series of responses, KOYAANISQATSI.


I don't "look at the world through the cultural Marxist lens of victim and oppressor" or "[live] in the mainstream media's, leftist bubble echo chambers", and I don't believe I have a "regressive narrative"


I can, however, read, and when the President of the USA tweets "Why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came" about US citizens who are also democratically elected representatives, and chants of "Send them back" ring out at a subsequent Trump rally, then the racist alarm bells ring. No media bias, spin, fake news or subscribed narrative required.


Maybe Trump isn't racist and was just trying to go on the offensive with whatever came to him, maybe he is naive and didn't consider the consequences of repeating such classic racist tropes, and maybe it's a co-incidence that such statements act as a rallying call for the right leaning side of the spectrum. Or maybe he knew what the likely outcome would be.

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"I don't "look at the world through the cultural Marxist lens of victim and oppressor" or "[live] in the mainstream media's, leftist bubble echo chambers", and I don't believe I have a "regressive narrative""

I didn't mean to appear to be ascribing this directly to you. Apologies for making it look as such. These things do seem to have a habit of feeding down the line through culture though. It's a matter of degree I suppose.
​I understand how the tweet got taken as a wolf whistle to ethno nationalism by the left and I can understand that the subsequent rally chants would only be seen as an escalation but it's really more just Trump supporters winding up the left to clutch their pearls ever tighter and flock to their fainting couches, than any real demand to see 'the squad' sent to some foreign land. These people have been watching the feigned outrage of lefties for the last two years and the liberal media, feeding them every and any 'gotcha' moment they can lay their ratings grabbing, greasy hands on.
You can bet good money that there were plenty of black and brown Trump supporters chanting along with the 'Send them back' cries, with tears of laughter to boot.
​Things are so polarised now that people down with the Trump could give less a s**t what contrived narrative the left hits the Hitler panic button over and have got to the point that instead of throwing stones at every barking dog from the left, they will as easy throw them the juicy steaks they yelp for and sit back to see what happens.
Trump himself is aware he was damned in the eyes of the far left, before he walked up to the throne and they sure as hell have gone out of their way to attempt to prove he is the orange spawn of Satan.
Trump derangement syndrome has now reached such fevered pitch, that he barely has to try to prove 'This Is MAGA Country', when there's going to be another Jussie Smollett, with every news cycle to prove his case.

As an example in case; a minor quibble at a supermarket, becomes worldwide news and proof of rising tyranny and the overt proof of Trump supporters white racism; even if it is a nothing burger served by a Democrat, Trump hater from Cuba... Facts be damned!


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The Democrats and all their media freinds [which is most of them ] must be desperaate for smear material to have to  drag out Trumps alledged  tax affairs which was done to death before the last election most Americans dont care they are more concerned about all the curruption stuff coming out about Hunter Biden .https://nypost.com/2020/09/23/hunter-biden-received-3-5m-from-russian-billionaire-report/

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Newly uncovered texts reveal that on behest of very senior Democrats the FBI planned to frame Trump for Russian collusion should ne win the last election and force him from office .  This operation was called ''crossfire hurricaine '' and was to be the Democrats  ''insurance policy '' should Hillary lose . https://nypost.com/2020/09/25/trump-was-right-about-ginned-up-russia-probe-fbi-texts/     - https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/sep/27/fbi-anti-trump-efforts-revealed-william-barnett-ta/

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