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Njord Market Google Login?


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Hi iansimmins, yes, this isn't currently an option. Hold on we'll contact you. 2 secs
[EDIT - as information for others]

Detail to be found here: https://www.njord.market/faq#member

We're sorry but, Google and Twitter accounts are not currently supported on Njord | Market. Your data is however, accessible and you can send a "Forgot your password?" reset to your registered email address to then access via your new email/username:password combination.

To note - your registered email address can also be used as your username. So you just need a new password which can be obtained through accessing the https://www.njord.market/forgot-password section

Anyone finding a "Something has gone wrong" error you can view https://www.njord.market/faq#loggingingonewrong Note: that a reset of your password will definitely sort out these blemishes. Refreshing the page and trying to log in again with your usual Shetlink details for 99% of cases will sort it.

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^^ No, this should be a stable base now. Some users however, are finding they might need to try either of the below suggestions to access Njord.


Additional info: this will work for anybody: If you check out the post here: https://www.njord.market/faq#member Your login details for Shetlink will enable you to log into Njord. 


However, a handful of users have needed to reset their passwords to enable them to login. It's the same data and underlying mechanism but, a reset will work for sure. You'll get back to a new baseline. This can be done from https://www.njord.market/forgot-password


Google and Twitter users to follow instructions above in this thread or on the https://www.njord.market/faq#member section of Njord

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If you goto the "My Notifications - automatic system messaging" section


https://www.njord.market/account/notifications accessible from your drop down members area from the top-right hand side will show you what notifications you had/have setup.


Some users may have previously pressed on a top level Shetlink 'Subscribe' category button (which then subscribed to all lower categories) and are now finding when verifying their emails they are being sent multiple emails.

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Not to worry. You don't have to save anything. Removing / adding categories automatically saves as you're going along.


You won't have got any of these messages from Shetlink as your email address wouldn't have been noted down as "verified". You would still have had all those categories selected though as it's exactly the same data against your account. With the old system you, as detailed above, might not have meant to have a list of categories selected. It was very easy to press the 'Subscribe' button on the first page/list of classifieds and for the system to then subscribe you to all categories - (which some people weren't then aware since they didn't get emails sent since they weren't verified).


Upon now verifying your email address you've then started receiving the automatic "When advert added to a category send an email to those subscribed to that category".


Perhaps, all watched categories should have just been removed for everyone but, it's each individuals data and to have gone and done that?! That opens up other various scenarios - some worse than this one.


Hopefully, the various sign-posts to the notifications page, links and details in the emails themselves, etc. this post here on Shetlink - this situation can be seen to be rectifiable at worst?

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Ah, ok. Thank you for adding that extra information. Understand now what you are experiencing.


For some reason you were in there twice? So the system was pulling back two lots of data repopulating and saving down your changes into the other you!


Have fixed that for you. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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