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2018 - how was it for you? Joost peerie fun

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Here's een o yun end of year thngs for a fun. Copy and paste da questions and add your own answers




Describe 2018 in 3 words:


Favourite film:


Favourite book:


Favourite music:


Favourite thing you bought or were given:


Proudest achievement:


Goals for next year:




Here ir min


Describe 2018 in 3 words: busy, happy, expensive!


Favourite film: They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jackson’s WWI Documentary)


Favourite book: Great Britain's Great War by Jeremy Paxman (bit of a WWI theme on the go!)


Favourite music: Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood


Favourite thing you bought or were given: a new socket set I got fur Christmas


Proudest achievement: een of my family members graduating from university (no really my achievement, but I'm going tae take some o da glory!)


Goals for next year: build (anidder) shed and/or get rid o some of me bruck!

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Describe 2018 in 3 words: short; good fun (that's two words); reflective



Favourite film:  Avengers Infinity War was a surprisingly good film I thought



Favourite book: Bob Woodward's 'Fear in the Whitehouse'



Favourite music: Rediscovered 'Queen' off the back of the recent film. I'd forgotten what a great band they really were



Favourite thing you bought or were given: I don't want it to be, but a new iPhone



Proudest achievement: losing a stone in weight



Goals for next year: don't put a stone in weight back on!

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Describe 2018 in 3 words: productive, healthy, splendid!
Favourite film: Nae Pasaran
Favourite book: The Valley at the Centre of the World by Malachy Tallack (fiction) & Democracy and Its Crisis by A.C. Grayling (non-fiction)
Favourite music: Singularity by Jon Hopkins (recording) & Neil Georgeson's "Dance Music" recital at Mareel (live)
Favourite thing you bought or were given: A book on Brutalist architecture I got as a Christmas present (I haven't finished it so it can't be included in favourite books)
Proudest achievement: stopped drinking for a year
Goals for next year: sleep more/better

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