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Pensioners fuming over government ‘theft’


Pension age  

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  1. 1. Should men and women have the same pension age?

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    • No

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So we have women complaining about how they were discriminated against in the workplace, then when discrimination is addressed and they get to retire at the same age as men, that's not right either.  Come on ladies, you seem to want it all ways around.

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Women usually live 6 to 8 years longer than men. They should be retiring later. I voted for males and females to retire at the same time, because I agree with equality, and I'm a push-over. There is a certain irony in the story that the complainant's mother is 92. That's 32 years of retirement.


Frances, I agree, the government are dishonest. Our (UK) MPs will all retire on thick pensions, after a well paid career with a sufficiently lax expenses system to be able to enable the purchase of duck houses, heating for their stables, and to have their moats cleaned, all on the taxpayers bill. To many this was their job on the side of a more lucrative career in the law, or multiple directorships or penning column inches for the newspapers.

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Quote from the link...


"AROUND 40 angry people, mostly women born in the 1950s, turned up at Islesburgh on Friday afternoon for a public meeting organised by Isles MP Alistair Carmichael on state pension changes that have “ruined” the retirement plans of thousands of women and couples approaching pension age."


Did anyone mention the fact that meeting organiser Alistair Carmichael MP was part of the government that introduced these changes, moreover as a government whip he personally would've made sure his colleagues voted for it?

Brass neck springs to mind!

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For 40 years, since I started work at the age of 15 I was told I would retire at the age of 60. I paid my stamp, and all contributions - then 9 years ago, I was, without consultation, told my retirement age was now increased to 66. All my planning was worthless. I have been robbed of over £50,000. I have no problems with pension equality, but it should be something you are aware of, not to suddenly have the goal posts moved without giving you the chance to re-arrange your retirement plans. It is not a case of women whinging, but a real kick in the teeth. Also remember that women born in the 50s had no access to company pensions, and often lost out because they stayed at home to raise families. Plus employers would often refuse to employ married women - hard to believe nowadays! Do not look at this problem through 2019 specs!

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