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Moving Advice to The Shetland Isles

hastings guy

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Hello to all this is my first post on this Forum and I would appreciate any advice on moving to The Shetland Isles ie Accommodation, Jobs and the community with in the Shetland Isles and other Islands. 


I have visited many parts of the Scottish Highlands and even climbed a few Munros with my favourite being Blaven.  I have much love for the Scottish Highlands and Islands and I am now content in moving to the Shetland Isle, surrounding areas and islands. 


I would like start off with rental accommodation and possibly buy a property at a later date. I am from a seaside town in England called Hastings and love being by the seaside and really like the idea of island life in Scotland.

Furthermore I am hardworking and would like to find a good job within Shetland or surrounding areas, I work within customer service in retail and would like to expand my current job in the Shetland area.

Also my cousin would be making the move with me and has qualifications in engineering and would like to carry on this trade in the Shetlands.

We would both be open to different work environment and learn new skills.


I would like to be apart of the community and help with voluntary projects and events to help fellow locals.

i would also like to know how many of you speak in gaelic language and if it would be worth learning some before the potential move.


Any advice would be much appreciated


Kind Regards to all




ps how often do you get to see the northern lights?




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Hi Thomas. Welcome to Shetlink.


Our Njord|Market sister website is a good place to find accommodation and jobs - https://www.njord.market/shetlink?id=/accommodation/1


There's a new jobs feed on the left-hand side of front page of Shetlink


There are loads of opportunities for volunteering and getting involved in the community. VAS is a good place to get a feel for things, but opportunities will come your way once you're here and start meeting people - https://www.shetland-communities.org.uk/vas/


Very few people speak Gaelic. I can't think I've ever heard it spoken conversationally in Shetland. The history of the islands is more Nordic than Scottish.


Re: Northern Lights. Probably every couple of weeks or so in winter


There are a few threads in the Travel & advice for visitors section of the forum you might find interesting (I'll move this thread there too)



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