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I am doing a bit of research on that stone pillar that stands in the centre of the Lerwick market cross.


I have found this out so far - Around 1870 it had a stone urn on top, then around 1900 the urn was removed and replaced by a gas light, then around the 1930s the gas light was removed and was fitted with a iron top with a round white glass shade on top which housed an electric light fitting.


It's a grade C listed monument.


It has a tube barometer and thermometer inside which was probably fitted around c1880s - 1910.


There is a theory that this piller was originally located in Scalloway and was then moved to Lerwick when Lerwick became the capital of Shetland. But however, I have not managed to come across any reliable source that supports this theory.


Can this pillar really be from the 1600s - 1700s?


If this is true, then why is this not common knowledge? You would think that something that is still standing with so much history would be well documented and would have a plaque errected on it or some where near by for the cruse ship passangers and visitors, after all they have several plaques fixed around fort charlotte, picts castle, etc, etc.


What is your thoughts?


Also if you can guide me to a reference that supports this theory then I would be most interested.

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