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The other day I discovered some interesting history regarding my family and its roots. My roots, on the Shetlandic side, go back to King Egbert of Kent. Starting with my grandfather on my mothers side I found out a lot of interesting stuff. My grandfather, David Kay Twatt, was born in Seaveiw, Bressay, in 1891 - but his history, and therefore mine, goes back a lot further.


Back to Robert Kay, my grandfathers great-grandfather https://www.bayanne.info/Shetland/pedigree.php... born 1801 whose great-grand father was William Leask https://www.bayanne.info/Shetland/pedigree.php... born 1715. William Leask links to Laurence Bruce https://www.bayanne.info/Shetland/pedigree.php... who goes back to Robert the Bruce https://www.bayanne.info/Shetland/pedigree.php... We then head to Sir Robert Bruce, and on Sir Robert's mothers side https://www.bayanne.info/Shetland/pedigree.php... we reach Sir James Stewart. Next, it's Bethoc https://www.bayanne.info/Shetland/pedigree.php... , who turns out to have King David I of Scotland as her great-grandfather. King David's roots then head to England and King Edmund II. Edmund II traces back to King Edmund, circa 921 - 946. Edmund traces back to King Æthewulf of Wessex. His parents are King Egbert of Kent, alive between 775 - 838, and his wife, Rædburga.


That means that I have English roots that I never knew about.


Has anybody come across anything similar???

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oh they are. itsan excellent site but caution as it uses secondary sources. some of the smaller local sites are really amazing. ive been using one for tadley in hampshire it has the parish records photo indexes and trees of every family and attached family announcements. odin is my 56th great-grandfather and adam is 82nd  great-grandfather sadly its now thatthe monks liked to fib. they liked to make a hairly saxon warlord appear more godly.

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