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dogs for adoption

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come on you know the lady up here is doing if for the sake of the dogs. of course there is going to bea cost in rescuing a dog from spain. the vet screening alone will be quite expensive transport. and assessment at this end. if they are proper rescue dogs you never own them your just there carers. the one we got from the spca was a failed rehome well it was more than that but nether mind it was originally an Italian Spinone rescue dog. we had to get permission to put to sleep the dog when its cancer had spread. the poor dog had suffered abuse her whole life and if we had not taken her she would have been reshipped to the south of england. we guess she would have died in transit. anyway we had a really sweet natured dog for a few months. and if we could we would do it again. would i pay a few hundred for a foreign dog probably not. there are enough even in shetland that needs rehoming. 

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Yes paulb I suppose the lady involved here is doing this for the sake of the dogs. She is however

misguided. The large sums involved would be better spent at source in Spain, get a charity collection

for that.

Then she can work with the appropriate authorities to try and resolve the huge problems in this country

with abandoned pets.

Let the Spanish government, with help from the caring EU, solve the strays problem at home. Why are we

importing dogs from Spain, Romania, and elsewhere in the EU?

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