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All Aboard

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Did anyone watch the programme “All Aboard” on STV last night?


I like to watch anything ‘Shetland’ related and although I didn’t expect it to be about Shetland, I was so disappointed in the programme and struggled to maintain interest in it.


Virtually all on board shots, showed a boat with less then half a dozen people on it and the ramblings of some if the crew, who spoke about people getting a bit heat up or spewing all over the place, whilst there wasn’t a soul to be seen was laughable. The shot where the barmaid has to deal with a roudy customer on what looks like a ghost ship couldn’t have looked more contrived it was laughable.


Can’t see how this could possibly encourage anyone to sail on the boat. speak about shooting yourself in the foot.


I don’t understand why they didn’t show the boat as it usually is, buzzing with folk and families, a rough trip and a smooth one etc. After watching I just though ‘what’s the point’


Maybe we’ve just been spoilt with other Shetland related programmes, let’s hope they don’t turn this in to a regular thing.

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My ex worked on that boat a few years ago and for a winter crossing mid-week, it wasn't uncommon to get 15 people maximum onboard plus crew.  So in that sense, the programme was accurate.

I've also been in some restricted areas and I was surprised that they didn't show more of the boat.


The extra programme on catch-up is about an interview with the director and apparently he filmed on his own from what I could gather.


I thought it was pretty poor, all in all.

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The programme description was:


“A unique insight into life onboard the MV Hrossey, seen through the eyes of the crew and passengers who travel on it”


What I saw was certainly not my experience travelling on board. I’ve had many a fine night with friends and family and never been aware of any hastle. The food was good, trip to cinema, a couple o drams and a good yarn, before head down for the night.


This all seemed very negative. In my opinion will do nothing to encourage folk to give the boat a try.

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