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The article didn't stay on the front page for more than a few hours but, it now seems that the police can now arrest someone the THEY think might be intending(?) to commit a crime or, more to the point, because they want to!


Seems to me that the police can now arrest you because they don't like the look of you !


Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty" ?

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Its disturbing, but in no way surprising. Its just indicative and largely typical of much that ails the EU socialist superstate.


'Innocent until proven guilty' has been pensioned off in all but name for a decade or two, and we are a police state in all but name whenever the old bill or numerous other pseudo 'policing' agencies (usually not very cleverly disguised as an arm of your 'friendly and helpful' local authority'? feels like it.


We see it rear its ugly head from time to time locally in how things have changed under the thumb of the socialist EU sycophants of Holyrood - Folk being handed down a heftier sentence than someone else as 'there was suspicion by the Police alcohol was involved', folk being done for attempted theft if they were found in a building they weren't supposed to be in, or being done for intent to housebreak if found wandering along the street or driving along the road in possession of certain tools.


That's not how its supposed to work, 'you can't be hung for thinking it' used to be a sound rule of thumb, but not no more. It got replaced sometime in the not so distant past that if plod thinks you were thinking it, regardless whether you were or not, you'll be swinging your heels in Craiginches or worse before you know it.

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