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How can you get an aerosol up here?


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Thanks Engineer, I got some, so creaky squeaky whirlies and gates being attended to!




Elf and Safety... what do folk think of the new legislation about having to put heat detectors in kitchens? 

It was initially just in rented accommodation, but am pretty sure I heard them say on the radio

it will be for all houses.


Wired into the 2 smoke detectors in a 1-bedroom sheltered house, and all 3 screech like banshees till you push the reset button with a broom handle.


{Which you can't do from a wheelchair!}


Used to be able to grill peppers with the kitchen door shut to stop the old combined

detector in the hallway going off, now, even heating up an empty baking tray ready to cook  sausages sets it off.

scared to use the grill at all now. I pity anyone that likes grilled chops or bacon.



{Has this law been proposed by the ready-meal & microwave manufacturers??}

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