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Planning and development


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How many people are aware that any company can put forward a plan to place an industrial site at the back of their house, and yet they don't need to be notified.

Just put a tiny item in a box in the Shetland Times that most people wont see.

This is what happened at Toft recently and the householders are fighting the proposal.

Apparently a company can set up a plan to build what they wish but there is no legal requirement to notify near neighbours if the site is under 2 hectares.

Should this get through planning, the company can put forward further expansion plans, and if this is also under 2 hectares, the same rules apply.

And the same applies again for yet more development on the site.

This is a planning loophole allowing companies to set up large industrial sites without having to notify anyone.

This can happen to anyone, and in any area, and I think this cynical abuse of the planning regulations needs to be stopped. It is apparently SIC policy, I have checked that and was surprised to find that it is the case.

Many people have had to jump through hoops to get something built, have felt obliged to inform neighbours, and dont realise what can easily happen in their back yard.

This could happen to you tomorrow.

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