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IPhone not receiving Wifi signal


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Our daughter is home and finding her IPhone is not receiving a Wi-Fi signal. This has never happened before and all other devices in the house are. She's receiving a signal everywhere else. Does anybody know what the problem could be and how to solve it. Thanks.

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maybe this will help.



It is not seeing just your WIFI SSID and not everyone?


Is your SSID set to hidden? you would need to select other network and tell the iPhone the name.


If just you check the channel settings on the router, some devices (particularly if they are imported) cannot see all the channels, if you are able check and see what your router is set to. you can use Wifi Analyzer (android) on another device to see what your channel is set to.


Or if it is seeing the SSID and not getting internet then check the routers settings as it may have blocked the device.


If its everyone and the reset did not work, not going to be a grate one to do over a forum. But hope it helps.

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Thank you very much for all that info. I'm afraid I'm not very savvy as to what all that means but i'll show it my daughter when she comes in. She'll understand what you mean. It is only her phone every other item requiring Wi-Fi is fine. Thanks again.

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