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New Old Library


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I remember the letters flying in to the Times re the moving of the library to St.Ringans church building some years ago. The reason being apparently that the old library building had had its day and was now condemned.

An expensive refurb in St Ringans produced the new library, but the public were less than impressed. Apparently there wasn't enough room for the books and that's quite a priority for a library. 

Complaints poured in and several sites were suggested for a new library.

Meantime it was suddenly decided that the old library building was actually ok and wasn't condemned after all.

I remember some wag suggesting that a good site for the new library was in the old library, and as it was nearby, the books could easily be moved.

However, the council had now decided to use the old library as council offices so another refurb was required for this purpose, new ventilation, heating, etc.

Now that the council is able to use some of it's new state of the art building, the old library can be refurbed yet again and we will have a brand new old library back in operation soon.

I didn't make this up, honest!

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