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Poll - 2019 Shetland MSP by-election

Davie P

Holyrood Election  

94 members have voted

  1. 1. If the election were tomorrow, who would you vote for?

    • Johan Adamson, Labour
    • Brydon Goodlad, Conservative
    • Stuart Martin, UKIP
    • Debra Nicolson, Green
    • Ian Scott, Independent
    • Michael Stout, Independent
    • Peter Tait, Independent
    • Ryan Thomson, Independent
    • Tom Wills, SNP
    • Beatrice Wishart, Lib Dems

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Can't speak for GR but, where did I say I was "worried".  ?


Yis, my post does look lik I wis commentin on dee, but it's joost a colloquial turn o phrase dat mibee doesna work as a direct translation intae english. My apologies and I'm sure du'll no be losing any sleep aboot da SNP mob!


OK.  You could always try posting in ENGLISH.  That might prevent any further confusion  :thmbsup 

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I'm not sure that the Green Party candidate calling for the end of the North Sea oil industry will win her too many votes in Shetland - https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2019/08/16/green-candidate-calls-for-beginning-of-the-end-for-oil-industry


I think Tom Wills has a more pragmatic view that “As long as oil and gas extraction is continuing then I want to see the benefits to Shetland maximised.” - https://www.energyvoice.com/oilandgas/north-sea/204857/snp-tidal-energy-hopeful-wants-to-maximise-shetland-oil-and-gas-extraction/


What do you folks think? Make the best of it while we can and/or make a more concerted push for green?


Edit: obviously all the candidates will have an opinion on it. The above examples are just for illustration purposes!

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According to the Scottish Herald they state that the SNP deputy is under fire for voter warning after he appeared to threaten voters with poorer public services if they don’t back them in the by-election. (Sorry don’t know how to link it but it’s on the news page)


(Moderator edit - we’ll post the link for you) https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17843237.snp-deputy-fire-voter-warning-shetland/


He’s stated as saying ‘that if a candidate from another party won the Shetland seat they would not have real influence with our Scottish Government. “


This is why the people of Shetland should show them that we are not interested in their political threats and vote for anyone except the SNP. They need to be reminded that a lot of the cash they have to spend comes from the Shetland economy, yet they hit us the hardest with their cuts and break their promises. They have thrown everything they can at the by-election but also feel the need to try and blackmail us into voting for them.


This is a party who shown little interest in Shetland until this last few weeks and all their propaganda and tons of leaflets coming through our doors, forgets to highlight their main agenda. Independence.


We need a Shetland voice in Edinburgh, not an Edinburgh voice in Shetland (pinched from a quote by Beatrice Wishart in the same article).


If the SNP think for one minute that they can bully Shetland into voting for them, they obviously don’t know us very well.

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Tom Wills if elected will argue his case on our behalf for...

"Free travel for foot passengers on all SIC ferries.

A 20% Islander Discount on NorthLink cabins.

A three-year freeze on NorthLink fares.

Increase in peak-season mainland sailings to meet freight demand and reduce pressure on passenger capacity.

Ensure a long term extension of the Air Discount Scheme."

Speaking for myself, every single one of those changes would make a difference to me. My guess is the vast majority of Shetlanders are in the same boat.

It's refreshing to see real policies and a good chance of them being delivered for a change.

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Yes I’m sure your correct, and I believe Tom Wills is a fine man. It’s the SNP Top dogs I wouldn’t trust for one minute.


Most of the things Tom will fight for have been on the agenda for a while, nothing new. But we have been ignored so far. Now if your telling me we will get them because we vote in an snp candidate, then that tells you all you need to know about the Scottish Government. They are meant to govern for the whole of Scotland not just those places that vote for them.

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^^They have delivered for Shetland, all you have to do is look at the things Tavish took credit for that've been delivered by an SNP government.

Is this not the way politics in a democracy work? A party or individual makes a series of pledges or policies that they will try to implement if elected, we the electorate have to decide what policies we agree with and assess the likelihood of them having the power to implement them, and finally, holding them to account if elected.

The power to implement doesn't necessarily mean being in government it could mean having the necessary votes to make sure the acting government can pass things in Parliament like the DUP in Westminster, or the Greens in Holyrood, or making alliances with opposing parties and persuading people in the governing party to agree to get the necessary votes to sway government policy.

What is absolutely pointless is having an MSP who refuses to engage with the governing party and can't get the voting numbers with the opposing parties or members to sway government policy.

My view is Tom Wills stands the best chance of getting his policies acted on which is why he's getting my vote.

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It seems pretty clear from the last 10 years of 'governance' the inherent SNP attitude is one of 'if you're not for us, you're against us'.


Surely, seeing as we've resisted their choice of worker ant for us this far, they should be trying to be extremely nice to us and be promising us how much better things will be if we have one of their people speaking for us, instead all we're getting are 'threats' of how much worse things will get if we choose someone of another political persuasion to speak for us. A case of preferring the stick over the carrot.

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