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Poll - 2019 Shetland MSP by-election

Davie P

Holyrood Election  

94 members have voted

  1. 1. If the election were tomorrow, who would you vote for?

    • Johan Adamson, Labour
    • Brydon Goodlad, Conservative
    • Stuart Martin, UKIP
    • Debra Nicolson, Green
    • Ian Scott, Independent
    • Michael Stout, Independent
    • Peter Tait, Independent
    • Ryan Thomson, Independent
    • Tom Wills, SNP
    • Beatrice Wishart, Lib Dems

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I listened to the UKIP candidate on Radio Shetland tonight. He might get a few more votes if somebody told him not to refer to this place as the Shetlands.

Wouldn't have thought so



Sadly, I think you're probably right.


There are Shetlanders who will still vote for UKIP or, if they were standing their brethren in the Brexit party, regardless of how woefully under informed those party candidates may be about Shetland or its specific needs. 


I suppose that's democracy for you though, stupid people are allowed to vote, and they may vote for stupid candidates who will provide stupid representation. 


That's why free university education, in any discipline, provides a net benefit to society, and also why some politicians oppose it.


If the election were tomorrow I'd vote heads Michael Stout or tails Ryan Thomson. I think either one would do equally as good a job at achieving the best outcomes for Shetland.


It was heads - Michael Stout got my vote.

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^^ The problem with that is that no matter how dedicated, passionate or well prepared wither of them are, or any other candidate for that matter, the SNP Govt has now blatantly said in its flyer delivered yesterday the "no-one else can be trusted to oppose the tories and have real influence with our scottish government"


Basically we vote SNP or get totally ignored.


Which also means we are twice as likely to get taken out of Europe than the rest of the country...

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Basically we vote SNP or get totally ignored


An independent in a hung parliament can’t be ignored. That’s what I’m hoping for in 2021. Even Tavish, when he was in a powerful position in government, was constrained in his ability to put Shetland first. An independent, free from the whip, can and should unashamedly put his constituents first and to hell with the rest of the country.
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> Shetland voted resoundingly to remain in the EU that
> democratic cry has been completely ignored.

Some parts, other parts less so..

> Shetland district ‘had highest Leave vote in Scotland’

> Two remote communities in Shetland returned the highest pro-Leave vote in Scotland,
> analysis of last year’s Brexit referendum has found. The 567 voters in the combined polling
> districts of Whalsay and South Unst returned a Leave vote of 81 per cent - the highest north
> of the border so far identified.


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I wonder just what sort of democracy Antony Eden gave us when he inflicted the Functioning of the European Union upon us, with no democracy whatsoever?


Of course, that's Westminsters idea of Democracy - but I don't think that it's anybody else's, as I would at least hope.

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As has been noted several times, Britain wasn't a signatory of the 1957 Functioning of the European Union when Eden was PM.
As you said yourself when I pointed this out a couple of months ago in another thread...

^ You're quite correct, Davy. In '57 Belgium, West Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and possibly one or two more, were signatories regarding the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, also known as the Treaty of Rome.

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The SNP have held back on too much help from Shetland, up to now.... We voted the wrong way you see!  This was obviously SNP policy.


I see the hopeful SNP candidate here now offering all sorts of help now for Shetland, from ferry fares to airport parking. Shetland issues will be prioritised in Edinburgh.


They are desperate to get a foothold in Shetland. Good tactics here from the SNP but feels a bit like blackmail. 


As a result I will place my vote elsewhere.

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You may be right Mikey, but if they weren't so scheming I might have considered it.


Mr Wills has put it rather well though, it ties in with the long term plan. Only an SNP man in Shetland can get any kind of a deal for Shetland from an SNP government in Edinburgh. We can get things done if you finally vote the right way. An SNP man in Shetland can overturn decisions made at Hollyrood when Shetland was holding out against the Scottish independence party. These decisions were calculated.


A one party state is the only way forward apparently. If that is the case God help us!

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