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Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy


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The wind turbine in Ardrossan was installed in 2004. Hardly a fair comparison given how new the technology was then.


The systems proposed for Shetland are far superior technologically and would be much, much safer than this.


Not that you wouldn't occasionally get issues like this with any form of energy generation.

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1st time in 10 years that winds like this have affected the uk mainland, I have gone through 3 anemometers this year alone in Shetland due to wind speeds like this.


Come on guys, lets have a bit of perspective here.


And lets not forget that only a fraction of the 3000+ turbines are anywhere near where the winds were at their worst.


also according to AT global warming (or is it climate change now) will mean even more extreme weather events like this

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I think what I was trying to show is that it can happen.


It might only be x percentage out of however many but the point also needs to be made that the proposed Shetland turbines will be much bigger than Burradale. How many is not many.....?.


On a personal note, I'm against VE because it's simply far too big and destructive for Shetland.

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