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Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy


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Quote "If emissions reductions had begun in 2005....." unquote


The above statements worries me because this suggests emissions are not being reduced......so does this mean that all the hundreds and thousands of windfarms already covering many countries aren't working?


Emissions are not reducing, they are rising, and the rate of rise is accelerating.


This doesn't mean the windmills aren't working. This means that the amount of windmills and other renewables so far installed is trivial compared to what is needed.


It also means that the fossil fuel industries policy of spending millions on sponsoring climate denier organisations and effectively buying the US political system has worked. Meaning that no effective regulation or reduction policies have been enacted.


Kyoto was a political fudge which fell far short of what was actually necessary. It was fudged in order to get the US to sign on, then Bush repudiated it anyway. Now that Canada has withdrawn in order to wallow in the tar sands sludge, it is effectively dead. Europe was the only part of the world to keep it's promises made in Kyoto, and we only managed that by exporting our polluting industries to China, which wasn't covered by the treaty.


We have failed, big time, and we're running out of time to reverse this failure. Our grandchildren will curse our memories.

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I didn't read keetiebairdie post as that, I thought she/he was asking who had the authority within the SIC to object or not object to the windfarm.
Oops, yeah.

From that side the "Planning Authority" is the Councilors in their committee meeting.

[dangerous attempt to summarize the whole process in a readable post]

The SIC Planning report recommended that the Council object to the application, to trigger a public inquiry, as there were a lot of issues where the information submitted was not considered to be in enough detail to give a full comment on.

The Council at it's meeting voted not to object, so it is correct that the "Planning authority" did not object.

The SIC Planning report was still submitted to the Energy Unit as information, but just with the status of kind of a professional comment on the application, as far as I understand it.

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A very unbiased website an anti quoting an anti group as support. same question what other energy production would you prefer.


So are you saying that the images in the video never happened then? One of the factors that really gets me with this Viking fiasco is GREED. Remember greed?


I rather like the clean coal power stations meself.

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which will not happen. look at the costs of that. ok so the next power station will be a coal one near either of your homes.


Wouldn't mind actually, they could stick it just behind the airport. Given the amount of power cuts we have down here due to bird strikes, etc. (Must remember this lekky company says cables can't be buried underground, not even in concrete but they doing it with the turbines), a clean coal power station would suit me just fine, ta very much.


Now can we stick one of the Viking wind turbines near your home then, given that you are so keen on them?

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Current production forecasts from the West of Shetland fields mean that gas should be getting piped into Shetland for much longer than the 25 year lifespan of the VE wind farm. These forecasts tend to be on the conservative side, the ones from the the East of Shetland certainly were. New technologies develop which allow further reserves to be squeezed out of existing wells. A clean gas burning power station would be a big improvement on shipping in diesel.


And yes, I know, this topic is about windfarms. Sorry! :oops:

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