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Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy


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AT wrote


Are you talking about Burradale here? The overall efficiency of Burradale is 52% over the ten years of operation. I got that information from one of the Burradale owners, David Thomson, I think. Unfortunately I can't find the actual e-mail (my a/c got hacked a while back and a bunch of stuff got deleted).





Shetland Aerogenerators Ltd developed, owns and operates the Burradale Windfarm. Burradale is one of the most productive windfarms in the world with a recorded capacity factor* of 52%. The high productivity is due to Shetland's unique wind resource. Energy from Burradale flows to Lerwick Power Station where it then contributes to meeting Shetland's energy demand.


*Calculated from the original three turbines over a three year period.



So AT who is right you or their disclaimer


That is straight off their website


Like I said, I e-mailed them and that's the answer I was given, Unfortunately I no longer have the e-mail.


Why don't you e-mail them and ask? They've always been quite happy to answer when I've talked to them.

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Article re health issues and wind farms:-




I have seen that sort of stuff in planning meetings I have attended.


Dirty electricity?? Houses are similar to dirty electricity cages. While still using inductance loads, you will get it, as well as the high frequency stuff put in many appliances, the WiFi.

The ground too will be full of the stuff, thanks to fibres, on the waine.


As all machines installed in the UK have to be compliant, as do computers, Tee Vees, Pee Cees, audio, mp3 players, low energy lights and many other electrical appliances, it is not an issue.


Am and flicker, possibly, but needs to be investigated fully, noise is another one, funny when it is installed between a main line rail line, local rail lines, a bypass, a busy through road, planning for a new road 200 yards away, a diesel generator powered milk bottling plant, the single micro turbine will be far to loud.


If folk are going to object, use real objections.

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not a peered viewed article so has no standing. good try. try and source your stuff from proper journals and they may be worth the read.


This quote is from a peer-reviewed paper -


"There is overwhelming evidence that

large electricity-generating wind turbines cause serious health problems in a nontrivial

fraction of residents living near them."


But it is early days for research, although there are plenty of concerns. That is why there is a recommended distance of 2000 metres away from housing. An overview here:


It should be noted that a few governmental entities, including the nation of

Japan5 and the Province of Ontario6, have initiated larger scale studies that will likely

provide more comprehensive and statistically robust results over the next few years.

But for now, we do have several worthwhile papers that examine actual reported health





many of the symptoms being

reported are clearly related to the presence of the turbines and their noise, the

relationship between wind farms and health effects may most often (though not always)

be an indirect one, as many of the symptoms cropping up are ones that are widely

triggered by chronic stress.


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trump claims that wind farms are ugly and does many bad things. who was it that tore up an area of rare sand dunes. trumpy may be the best champion the antis could have picked if your a pro wind farm supporter.


Trump, too much money and nae midder wit, something that applies to baeth sides o the fence...

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Can anyone explain the VE advert on page 22 of the Shetland Times?


It makes it sound as if there is £30 million estimated income ON TOP of the £20 million to the Charitable Trust. Have I missed something?


I believe the correct term would be 'propaganda'.


Exactly, the advert was skewed/designed to give the impression that the windfarm covers just a small fraction of Shetland.


The whole project is just utter destruction.



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If folk are going to object, use real objections.


Shadow flicker is a real objection. The further North you go, the greater footprint shadow flicker has due to the angle of the sun. I reckon we'll get a couple of hours a day for several months of the year straight through our windows.


Turbine noise is a real objection (It is the nature of the noise that has the effect. Comparing it with a railway line or a road is like comparing apples and oranges).


Devalued house prices is a real objection. And don't pretend that there isn't a risk of this. Why should I end up out of pocket?

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