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Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy


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If folk are going to object, use real objections.


Shadow flicker is a real objection. The further North you go, the greater footprint shadow flicker has due to the angle of the sun. I reckon we'll get a couple of hours a day for several months of the year straight through our windows.


Turbine noise is a real objection (It is the nature of the noise that has the effect. Comparing it with a railway line or a road is like comparing apples and oranges).


Devalued house prices is a real objection. And don't pretend that there isn't a risk of this. Why should I end up out of pocket?


depends were ou live. but yes they are objections. as anyone worked out the number of houses affected. if a developement affects the value of your home you should seek compo. however we used to live on the main manchester to london railway line you get to ignore the noise. i will have a look and see how many houses are effected.

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Well you say "not one of these areas is a virgin peat sink the are all releasing gas." I was wondering if there were any studies on these areas that assess peat condition.


Actually, it's coming back to me now... the peat issue was (and still is) a particular bone of contention, not least because Viking Energy's assessment of peat was subject to quite a lot of assumptions or "Assumed Values" (I'll ignore the title of that article "How a wind farm could emit more carbon than a coal power station", but interesting points within). This is an old article but I don't think much has changed (and I'm no expert). This suggests that claims being made about peat, emissions, C payback, restoration etc. lack the rigor you might expect, particularly from a project on this scale which claims such a precise duration for C payback and percentage coverage of degrading peat.

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Today's P & J headline shows that the proposed £3billion offshore windfarm off the coast of Caithness could be seen as far away as south of Orkney. There is no height of wind turbines given.


As the proposed VE wind generators, fully extended, are 149mtrs high, and set on top of Shetland's highest area of land, from what distance could they realistically be seen from - America?


Any research done on this?

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