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Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy


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5 hours ago, Colin said:

I wonder if anyone has ever considered a life without oil.?

I've considered it since I was a teenager bagging up dead oiled birds on the beach.

But just in a purely practical sense as you point out, it boggles my mind how folks can bang on about being sustainable but yet prefer to burn limited resources rather than use perfectly proven renewable ones.

Perhaps part of the problem is that folks tend to have a disconnect or just flat out don't care when thinking of the environmental damage, or that its gonna be ages yet and something else will come along, but don't realise just how near we are to running so low the prices make it impossible, and just how far reaching the effects will be. 

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^Personally, I think that grid transmission charges are higher the further you get from London for no more than one single reason.

They pander to the ones that, IMHO, get too close to the British government.

Yet another good reason to vote S.N.P.

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In some wyes it's good tae see Sustainable Shetland doing something constructive (ironically, construction is da last thing dey see to want!) but I doot da horse has long-ago bolted. I suppose it'll do nae harm to keep the developers on their toes if they ken there's members o da public actively keepin an eye on dem.

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I'm sure there will be folk drawing parallels between the windfarm and councillors refusing planning for a mobile phone mast near the Town Hall “just five metres lower than the Town Hall clock face” that would “look and feel out of place”.

I, however, agree with the councillors and don't want to draw those parallels ;-) 


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2 hours ago, Muckle Oxters said:

Wan o da regular points o objection tae Viking is dat hoose prices near da turbines will go doon.

I recall reading some research that said, unsurprisingly, it's not a straightforward yes/no matter.

In some areas house prices actually went up. That was attributed to windfarms generally being sited in rural areas with high unemployment and low house prices. The windfarms brought jobs to the area, demand for housing went up and house prices subsequently rose.

Shetland has low unemployment, high house prices and aesthetic considerations like unspoilt views are high on many folk's priority list, so I expect Viking wouldn't have a positive effect on house prices.

I doubt it would be like the highland clearances though, as some are suggesting.

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Personally, I wid hae nae budder we livin near a turbine ot twaa. I've biden in some deepooperit areas sooth no far fae industrial sites an busy roads and dat wisna da best, and da proposed turbines look brawly elegant in comparison.

I hae sympathy fur da folk who are gettin turbines right on dir doorsteps though. Mony o dem have decided dey hate da turbines already, but I hope dat wance da construction phase has eased and it quietens doon again dat it'll no be as bad as dey wir dreadin.

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