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Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy


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Geothermal is an interesting prospect but I doubt if it could work in Shetland. I don't know if anybody has ever undertaken a study but I would imagine that the land mass is too small to find a decent geothermal supply. Even if you did find one then their is no guarantee it will last for long enough to warrant building a Power Station above it.


Wind energy? Great. Until somebody decides that an island all alone in the North Sea would be the ideal site for a windfarm?!? Out of sight and all that.


Tidal energy. Probably the best way forward for Shetland but the technology is still in its infancy.


Nuclear? Perfect. Proven way of producing lots of energy from very little. People would be falling hand over foot to get the interconnector. So many health and safety restrictions that it would prove to be a helluva lot safer than any of the other options. Job creation. The list goes on and on...


Failing that...make use of the hellery that Sullom burns off every day that is going to waste. Make the government (or the SIC) ((or Forvik, downwind)) penalise them for wasting so much energy when so many people are scraping the barrel to fill the car with petrol each week.


Dump a barrel of oil and you would get fined for it. Burn off gas 24/7 and it is considered OK????

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Urk... warning, beery ramble...:


Well, in some ways... is Shetland not just the ideal place for a windfarm? Sucks to be quite happy with it as the way it is; but not everyone will see it this way... long term, I mean.


I don't like it any more than the next man; but we (humans) cannot have everything, all ways, always.

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Paulb, in reply to your post on for /against VE,

I don't speak for the people or S/Shetland, i speak for my self and familys views on this subject, this is what Shetlink is for.

The "Debate" will from time to time get heated, it's bound to, it is the most important issue to affect Shetland for generations, IMHO.


The issue of peat in my opinion is of the utmost importance. Only 3% of the planet contains blanket bog, a massive carbon sink, and one of the biggest contributers to slowing climate change, if it is not disturbed.

Just Google to find out more, or go to International mires conservation web site.


As regards a referendum IMHO, the time for that is not yet, due to a huge lack of unbiased information out there. We are awaiting for the EIA or Enviromental impact assesment, this will deal with the impact the VEP will have from insects, plant life, bird life, and all the enviromental and cultural heritage aspects involved, plus vast amounts of further information.

My main concern here is that the public won't be allowed the courtesy of the time needed to study the EIA in all it's detail before it goes to planning.


When i personnally tried to enter debate with VE, the first question i asked was ( is this a project for combating climate change), the answer was a definitive NO, it is to finance the SIC in the future years of dwindling oil money, and because of the need for a new power station.

After that i was met with only arrogance i'm afraid.


Myself and my family didn't ask to enter into this debate about the VEP, but we felt strongly that we had and have to speak up on what believe would be the greatest enviromental and cultural disaster for Shetland in generations.

The damage done won't be fixed with a band aid, best not to be injured in the first place.IMHO

Thats my stance on the matter, it's going to be a HOT Winter :)

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I'd be interested if anyones looked up the GEOHIL geothermal link/URL I posted a little earlier and with more knowledge than I, and comment on the viability of it.


Not wishing to repeat myself :-) but my understanding is it would work even at sea, and last practically indefinently, and doesn't require much in the way of a special spot. (Though you might want to avoid hitting oil!)



You could at least use ground source heat pumps to supply heating.



How about solar panels ?


With improvements lately you got the likes of Nanosolar selling panels 1/3 the price of what they normally sell at. (Though they are all sold out for the next 2 or 3 years..) But with other thin film producers on the horizon, and plenty of room to blanket the countryside with them, I would have thought they might be a good choice too ?


I wonder how many acres we'd need..

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^^^^^I think solar is great, but doubt if it would be efficient all year round, we get very little daylight in at least 2 months of the year, lights are never turned off.

They are on about Arrays in the Sahara where the whole of continental Europe could get all of it's power from.

BUT, it is not homegrown electric and under the control of other countrys, so therefore unreliable for the UK. a complete farce.

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thats the problem nobody has bothered to ask us what we want, if we are spending 10000 for public relations why cant this be used to ask a simple question like do you want a wind turbine farm. the in depth studies can then be done.

if the folks want it then it should be done.

if not then it should not.

there are about 9500 households in shetland.

so 2x36p stamps and 20p for paper and envelopes would still be cheaper than the 10 grand wasted on the pr.

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