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Alex Salmond


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^Correct, it does mention a possible problem high up in the S.N.P. It also comments on Her Majesty's Civil Service, suggesting that the problem possibly came from there, and I wonder why. I know just which one I'd bet on. Wouldn't get much odds for the bet, though.

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As they say you shouldn’t let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy story. 

Whilst I agree with George that Some in Westminster would love to see the SNP in turmoil and I would think their main reason for this would be that they do not want to see the country broken up, you have to question why bringing an ex first minister, who is no longer in the Scottish Parliament to court, in anyway effects the current SNP.

I would guess this is more to do with people within the SNP then it is with Westminster after all, most if not all, of the complainers were SNP staff. He did of course take the SNP to court, that in itself tells me the man has major issues with the party he was once the leader of.

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A similar thing happened last year in the states when a number of women tried to stop judge Brett Kavanaugh from being appointed to the supreme court by claiming he raped them . They later admitted they lied  because he was anti abortion .https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/nov/3/another-kavanaugh-accuser-admits-fabricating-rape-/

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I see Alex Salmond's defence team are placing the blame for this trial firmly with the current SNP leadership, the are not blaming Westminster.


Alex Salmond has a huge following among SNP supporters. If, as has been suggested, he attempts to return to mainstream politics and oust Nicola Sturgeon, will this also be part of the Westminster plot.


I'm sure many in Westminster would be happy to see the war, (that has been bubbling for a while), finally erupt, but they can hardly be blamed for the behaviour of SNP politicians. Not very united in their pursuit of the independence dream are they?


Salmond suggests he has a few cards to play yet and heads may roll among the SNP top brass.  


I'm sure George will find a way to blame Westminster whatever happens.


Poor man!

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