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Please, provide urgent information! Employment offer of complete unknown for oversees newcomer ;)


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If I’m correct the Shetland hotel, in Lerwick has a recently new built accommodation block for staff, the planning application said it would contain 6 x 2 bedroom self catering houses, if it the Shetland hotel your going to work for then that could be the accommodation on offer.



It looks nice like.

But, why do they seek staff after tourist season (to redirect the other participant's question)?

The Shetland hotel operates all year round and will no doubt need staff, I would think they have had students employed over the summer and they are now heading off to universary

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If you have a formal offer from a Lerwick based hotel, I would think there shouldn’t be an issue, but why don’t you contact them to get more details on the accommodation to put your mind at rest.


Yes, I have.

Actually, I'm using the services of an employment agency.

Very nice guy explains all my questions very carefully and patiently. He seems very friendly and honest. But some of my friends try to discourage me, they have bad experience with jobs in the UK, to say it openly.

(They suggest there is enough interesting jobs in the European Union mainland countries. However what is precious to me personally is just your Islands unique nature, indeed!)

I feel very confused, hesitated a lot, seem now not in the position to negotiate and demand further information.

I would contact the hotel directly and confirm with them that tag agency is above board
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And probably it would be a good idea to hear directly from the employer what might I expect.

The issues that bother me the most are also e.g. if an employee can receive guests from abroad for some time? However, it must be said that I am afraid of loneliness due to the small population of the islands.

Again a question for the employer, but if your are outgoing enough as you seem to be you will soon make friends with other workmates and there are plenty of pubs, sports and leisure facilities etc giving you the opportunity to meet local folk, most of who are easy to get on with.


As for Brexit, I wouldn’t worry too much, no matter what happens sooner or later, I cant see Boris throwing out all the foreign workers overnight as he would bring the country to a stop.


If your happy the agency is legit, go for it, what’s the worst that could happen. Just make sure you have enough funds to get you home again in case you can’t settle. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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Ok, I’ve had time to think about this....,


If you want the hustle and bustle of somewhere like London. It ain’t that.


If you want a place where folk are friendly, polite, with old-fashioned values and a slower pace of life, then Shetland, even Lerwick is that.


Folk are open and honest. Friends are easily made in the most unlikely of places, hobbies are to be found and I think you should take a deep breath, sign up and come. At worst you can save enough to leave if you hate it.


Shetland is like Marmite - you love it or hate it. For me, it is very special. I suddenly felt I was at last “home”. I came up from London.


If you are desperate for more information, message me and I will honestly answer your questions.


I think, on retrospect, you should go for it and come up. Who knows, You may fall in love with this place.

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Am I the only one who thinks this is a wind up? Does anyone contemplate a move overseas without first knowing exactly what is offered. No reputable company would offer a job without complete relocation package information.


I gave up giving them the benefit of the doubt at this point.



It looks nice like.

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I'm aware of places closing and staff being out of work.


I read that occupancy rates are only something like 10% in the winter time.

(Would be more if prices wasn't so high !)

It's a bit ironic isn't it, people leaving the islands to find work elsewhere, and people moving to the islands to find work. :-)


I would have thought if an employer was offering a 3 bedroom place for you to stay in, they really mean, a 3 bedroom place to share with others, since accommodation here is pretty difficult to come buy.

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