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SIC by-election Nov 2019

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Its good to see that there are a large number of candidates. I would rather see a by-election where the public have to make their choice, as against someone gets in because no one else was interested. At least the outcome of this vote should be accepted by all, although I see there is an snp candidate, so we might have to have another vote if they dont like the outcome ;-)

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They all seem to be rather secretive about the main political issues affecting us all ,Brexit and  Scotland Independence.


Not sure I will bother to vote if they cannot tell us where there real allegiance is, how can I decide .


The again I might have missed it.

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The LK candidates seem to be making a little bit of noise, and there are mostly known faces, but what's with the Central ward ones? Barely heard a thing, and a glance over the faces, with the exception of JA, has you going 'Who are they?'


Okay, I'm in neither ward, and the Central candidates are maybe well enough known in the ward they're standing in, but with only two days to polling day the rest of us would kinda like an inkling who/what we may be about to be lumbered with.

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Very true Ghostrider ,I am in one of the wards but totally oblivious to what I'm voting for ,would like to know a bit more with regards to there feelings to Brexit and Sturgeons/Swinsons  shananigans, but they are very secretive about that..


I might just give it a miss then i cannot blame myself for any misdemeanor they might get involved in later like spending all wir money recklessly.

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