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...There are others who aren't in the Euro. Is it not the case that any new members would have to join the Euro because there were several press reports with EU representatives stating that all new members would be expected to join...


...JCJ knew full well that of course they wouldn't force countries to join the Euro, with the upshot being that they couldn't join the EU.


This is the crucial point, new members are not required to join upon entry, The member states that joined in 2004, 2007 and 2013 did not meet the conditions for entry to the euro area at the time of their accession, not only that, there's no timetable or deadline to join the Euro, Sweden for example joined the bloc in 1995 and still haven't adopted it.

This is why it's false to say Scotland doesn't meet the criteria for EU membership. Taking the criteria for joining the Euro and conflating it with the criteria for joining the EU is wrong. That's why the European Parliament Committee on Constitutional Affairs stated "Scotland meets the criteria [For EU membership]".

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So Evil Inky thinks we have a great chance of joining the EU as an independent country. What about the deficit? No chance unless you can magically bring that down. And the SNP are saying they are are

I would like a lot more clarity on how an independant Scotland would manage /fund the following :-   1---Currency will it be totally different to the rest of Britain, or the Euro  and will it be index

That's unfair. He regularly gets hauled over the coals precisely because of his convictions / principles.   Boris' repeated one liner during the entire debate clearly demonstrated their thinking that

There is one way the SNP could get rid of the Tory Government it "apparently" despises. And as it has no real interest in being in Westmnster, they should tell all their members and supporters to vote Labour in this General election.

Scotland voted Labour for decades and got rewarded with Tory government's who proceeded to throw the whole country to the wolves. Don't think they'll fall for that old chestnut again.

There's only one way for Scotland to get the government it votes for every single time.

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