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Meat Cattle Deforestation.

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Well Colin, if the private individuals are organising this sort of enterprise using their own cash, then perhaps they will find the enthusiasm to break sweat making a success of the project.


The group from Mossbank were full of enthusiasm initially regarding the idea, and the SIC were convinced it seems by their devotion to the production of organic vegetables.


However, the reality of the work involved in what can be a hostile climate, appeared to dampen that enthusiasm and encouraged the budding agriculturists to retreat to the comfort of the sofa.


Im sure the SIC will be quite happy to see you set up a group to provide allotments provided it is privately funded.  There is unlikely to be any protests from anyone. Go for it!


I watch with interest. 

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I am sorry but you obviously do not understand what cattle ranching is doing to the planet and you have no concern for furure generation that is if there is any.

We need to stop importing food from abroad and eat what can be grown locally. That would probably solve a lot of issues., by cutting down on unnecessary transportation.

Ghostrider is correct. We must get the birth rate down. I do not know much about it but some flour is made from ground up insects, Our crofters perhaps should look into it as it may be profitable and

"Im sure the SIC will be quite happy to see you set up a group to provide allotments provided it is privately funded.  There is unlikely to be any protests from anyone. Go for it!


I watch with interest."


Watch away all you like.  It's your time  that wil be wasted.. :thmbsup


Where did I suggest that I was going to try and start some sort of allotment group. ?


A long time ago,  in a land far away, I had an allotment.  The effort you have to put into one is not that great, and once you realise that the work you have to do does NOT have to be done in one day, doesn't amount to much at all.

The rewards far exceed the relatively little effort that goes into maintaining one.


Even if you do not have an allotment, things like potatoes can be grown very succesfully if a large bucket or barrel.  Even in a growbag if you wish.  Very little effort required.

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I just presumed I guess Colin because you seem to have so much knowledge on the subject.


What a shame though that you weren't around to show the budding agriculturists in Mossbank how easy it is to plant and harvest good healthy crops.


There could have been such a different and happy outcome.

As I said, I had an allotment (a long time ago) and I was also an "active" member of an allotment association so, yes, I do have a little knowledge in that area.


These days, I do very little "gardening".  In fact, I avoid it if I can..  I grow herbs (Mint, Parsley, Sage etc.) in indoor window boxes.  The only commitment(?) is to water them every couple of days.


I did, however, get a couple of meals worth of potatoes and an onion or two out of my compost heap this year.  I never throw out vegetable waste or grass cuttings.  I just compost the whole lot.  The potatoes and onions just grew on their own out of the waste,.  THAT is how easy it is!!!!

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