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​In his tirade against Boris Johnson entitled ''election result a disaster for country and community alike '' Neil appears to accuse  Boris Johnson of being a bigot , racist , homophobic , islamophoblic  ,misogynistic and an elitist basically all the usual left wing slurs they throw at their opponents . Presumably he thinks we would all be much better off under Corbyn and his bunch of comrades . Incidentally all the same accusations were thrown at Trump and the US economy is booming with 50 year old record low unemployment and no new wars


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I dont think they are angry at other races i think its the hypocritical white people who always accuse other white people of racism


racist , homophobic , islamophoblic?


why do we hear these words in every single political debate?


The left are going to cry wolf about racism until the sheer stupidity of the left and they way the handle things causes it to become a self fulfilling prophecy!


Reminds me of the Ferguson effect



Ferguson effect is the idea that increased distrust of police following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has led to an increased crime rate it suggested is that police have less vigorous enforcement in situations that they feel might lead to backlash


It would be plausible that authorities may be more lax when it comes to more controversial perpetrators,

Especially in Labour controlled areas

Take the Rotherham scandal and cases like it for example


fear that the perpetrators' ethnicity would trigger allegations of racism and damage community relations; the Labour council's reluctance to challenge a Labour-voting ethnic minority; lack of a child-centred focus; a desire to protect the town's reputation; and lack of training and resources


What would happen If the ethnicity of the victims and perpetrators was NOT taken into account?

Simple: they wouldn't have ignored or enabled it!


Most leftists have the bigotry of Low expectations and don't hold other nationalities to the same standards

Whistle blowers acted in defense of victims but they were vilified as bigots who wanted to persecute a religious group





Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.’


-  Parody account mocking infamous bourgeois Labour activist Owen Jones


Liked and shared by Naz Shah a real Labour MP





It would seem Labour has a particular reputation

This is a problem with authorities why are "controversial perpetrators" controversial.


Identity politics is functionally similar to immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS)




Most people who die of AIDS do not die from the virus itself. They die from opportunistic infections


the human traffickers who enslaved victims into prostitution are like an "opportunistic infection"

They would not have been able to do what they did on the scale they did if it weren't for people so afraid to be accused of being racist


if Rotherham did not have AIDS the authorities would have broken up these groups as soon as they became aware of them


the cause of the problem is NOT immigrant groups and diaspora but instead local authorities who have chosen to selectively enforce the law.


Labour is the party of identity politics and i want to be absolutely clear i think

Baizuo = AIDS ( People who enabled evil individuals to avoid offending a group of people most of whom would never even think about doing something so despicable)

opportunistic infection = People who are bad not because of their race but because of the things they did

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I would love to have been provided with a link to Neil Riddel's letter, but I wasn't. The queen will be on the telly on Christmas day though, and that will be better than complaints with no justification at all, not that there's any justification to maintain the Greco-Germanic ones either.

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I would love to have been provided with a link to Neil Riddel's letter, but I wasn't. The queen will be on the telly on Christmas day though, and that will be better than complaints with no justification at all, not that there's any justification to maintain the Greco-Germanic ones either.

http://shet.news/xwqag. Here’s the link George, didn’t take long to find.

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The recent letter by Neil Riddel reveals him to be a sore loser why can't people just accept the result of democratic elections and referendums without having  tantrums because they don't like the result .

Neil Riddell's letter is a fine example of democracy in action, Boris may have won the election but that doesn't mean his opponents should down tools and remain silent.


I'll remind you of that when I kick off the next time the left wins an election.


Personally I think losers should shut up, accept a democratic decision, and work quietly behind the scenes towards winning next time, rather than throwing tantrums, but that's just me.

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^ There's a whole ocean of difference between opposition and outright denial and defiance, the trouble in recent years is the latter has become confused with the former in the minds of leftists and snowflakes.


The kinds of attitudes and scenes which have been displayed by the losing leftist and snowflakes during the last decade or so have been disrespectful to both the winning majority and the sanctity of democracy itself. Furthermore, similar attitudes and scenes have not been perpetrated by those on the right when they lost, or by leftists when they were losers in earlier years, so what makes leftists think its suddenly okay to start behaving in this way?


By all means peacefully, politely and respectfully protest and oppose the plans and decisions of a democratically elected body you don't agree with, but caterwauling all over the web, insulting anybody and everybody that doesn't share your own opinion exactly, creating public disorder and refusing to recognise the legitimacy of a democratically elected public body just because not composed of exactly the people you want in it, in totally unaccepatable.


Calamity refuses to recognise/accept the legitimacy of Scot's rule in Shetland, and regularly gets hauled up in front of the old Sheriff for allsorts based wholly around that attitude for his trouble. The sooner all these yeehaws going around shouting 'Not my Prez' and 'Not my PM', going out of their way to insult people, and creating havoc get rounded up the same way. the better, as in their own way they're no different in what they're doing than what Calamity is doing.

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