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Boris Johnson


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The only reason we have Boris and the right in charge is that they were the first to get behind something that the majority of the electorate would back them on, while Corbyn and the left remained headless chickens chasing their own tails. The rise of the lunatic fringe on both extremes of politics is due to the last dozen years of weak leadership and directionless parties and policies right across the political spectrum


After Thatcher reined in the Unions, Labour's power base was spent and they were a laughing stock rabble under Foot and Kinnock, it took Blair and his 'New Labour' vision (whatever that was, exactly.....) to make them electable, and it served its purpose insofar as it took Tony on his power trip until his hand waving baloney rhetoric passed its sell by date, and the money ran out...... He left Labour as clueless about what 'New Labour' was as most of the country had been clueless about what it was since day #1. It was a brilliant(ly) (stupid) idea to put an old red like Corbyn in charge, presumably to try and breathe life back in to the party and recreate the heady 'old red' days when they had some respect and clout in the 60's and 70's. Completely omitting to factor in that their MP's and prospective MP's were by and large trendy theorists and idealists, with damn few realists, and they've been treading water when they've not been sinking deeper ever since.


It'll be interesting to see what phoenix rises this time, but whoever it is sure as hell is going to have to work long and hard to make the left start to appear electable again.


The right have little to crow about either, Thatcher left a vacuum Major tried to fill like a pea would fill a shopping trolley and any chance of continued Tory Government flushed down the tubes in front of his eyes. Hague, Smith and Howard all lacked leadership qualities, as did Cameron, the only reason he became PM is that he and his party were deemed the slightly lesser evil by the electorate at the time the election took place......a sad indictment.


May was deluded on two counts, that you could please all of the people all of the time, and that she could sell something well enough to please all of the people all of the time, the rest is history.


Boris is presiding over a ramshackle party, of that there is no argument, as opposed to the directionless rabble that is Labour, another sad indictment.


At least he had the nouse to recognise an idea, a concept, a path, whatever you want to call it, that he believed he could get the electorate to back him on, and he's run with it, and its worked out for him. That's more than any party or leader has managed for 10 years, so its a start.........How he gets on with delivering his chosen crusade........time will tell.


I can't say I particularly like the man, I don't support all of his policies, I don't think he has the balls to always stick to his guns through thick and thin and is likely to be talked in to compromises along the way, few of which we'll like,.......We'll see though.......At least we appear to be starting to move in some direction now, which is one hell of a refreshing after living the last three years in a 'Grounghog Day' scenario, and the previous 7+ paddling around aimlessly. The mould desperately needed broken, and if that's all he ever succeeds in doing, good luck to him. Whether your personal politics approve or disapprove of his direction, at least he's succeeded in doing more in a few months than all his predecessors achieved in over a decade.

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^ Folk who choose who to vote for based on the rambling sprootle poured out by commercially driven press/media only have themselves to blame for what they end up with if they don't like it.


Every PM/Government that's been put in power for at least a century has had to have enough of the press/media or some other organisation with national coverage on side to spread their own special brand of bull for them to get there.


Some of us have just be around long enough to know not to bother reading or listening to the opinions of nobodys telling us what we should think and our opinion should be that fills ithe press/media, and make our minds up on who to vote for on more basic principles than what invented 'minority's' rights are or aren't 'respected', whether or not some politician is a 'buffoon' or what kind of 'apology' some party leader made over some long forgotten piece of crap their party voted for getting on for a decade ago......Jeeezzzzzzzzzzz!

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The Labour Party no longer seem to speak for the common man. It seems to be a middle class socially orientated self- thought “intelligentsia” party now. I voted remain and against Boris Johnson, but have to accept that the majority don’t agree!

I agree with you about the Labour party . Being a trade union member I watched some off the trade union congress this year where delegate after delegate most of them  middle class  blue haired female social worker types though its hard to tell these days who ranted on and on with stabbing fingers  about LGTB issues , the gender pay gap  , more diversity in the workplace , how great the EU was , rape culture in the workplace ,reparations for slavery  etc etc . I watched in vain to hear anything about real working class concerns so ended up switching channels and deciding not to renew my union membership and certainty not vote Labour . 



Debating LGBT issues rather than issues of higher wages etc that's an easy call for the elites.


We don't necessarily have a Communist system utilizing the Useful idiots but we do have a Banker/Corporate Oligarchy adopting the same tactics and fallout from Saboteurs.



We have "Destabilisation" from the left and “Accelerationisim” from parts of the right Both view democracy as no longer viable because from their viewpoint both sides are controlled opposition.


The overall theory of Accelerationisim is that they should follow Destabilisation to its logical conclusion and encourage the system to become as tyrannical as possible and overstretch its resources until breaking point.


If the government can no longer fund the army and police it is no longer able to stop a coup which is the ultimate goal of Accelerationisim.


What the left advocates to happen to people who make mean comments on twitter


Northern Ireland and Scotland are much more ethnically homogeneous than England and mostly elected parties that don’t field candidates in England and Wales which are much more heterogeneous or dare I say “Diverse”



Did anyone think to look at the kind of situation the towns that elected Labour for decades and voted Conservative this includes the town with the lowest life expectancy in England and places where good housing options and jobs are lacking.


These are often overcrowded areas where many people are not able to work to acquire resources, get decent housing or start a family.


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Jesus wept. If that's what you think happened, and not just wished for, then I'd suggest expanding horizons beyond your current sources of information. However much it may pain you. Here's your starter for 10: how much did the Conservatives spend on their media campaign compared to the others. Follow that up with researching the claims they made. Add in whether said claims were based in fact. Then observe the reports suppressed, arms deals concluded with the USA after the 12th and, as I think you alude to, Boris' general demeanor.


The shift in England's voting is a huge disservice to the UK and my forehead still hasn't recovered from the major beating it received as a consequence. However fanciful anyone believes the Labour manifesto to have been, it was attempting to achieve a fraction of what it promised. The Conservatives are already backpedaling on their poorly proofed attempt.

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...However fanciful anyone believes the Labour manifesto to have been, it was attempting to achieve a fraction of what it promised...

Oops! Someone was a tad keen to get to bed and owned themselves  :razz:


However fanciful anyone believes the Labour manifesto to have been, it was attempting to achieve [a massive amount of changes and had it achieved even] a fraction of what it promised [we'd be in much better shape than where we're headed now].


And let's save the "I remember Labour from decades ago" spiel. That was then, this is now and things have changed somewhat  :thmbsup

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Yeah it would have been so good to get these guys back into power








As useless as the Conservatives are the idea Labour care about the working class either is delusional.


The government will do whatever makes the Big Banks and oligarchy happy no matter who sits in Number 10

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On 23/01/2021 at 01:56, Davie P said:

I disagree, we've had some very capable (and some not so capable) PMs in recent decades.

"Clown" is subjective and "bigoted" is harsh but "corrupt" is a serious accusation. Do you really think every PM in recent years was corrupt?

Looking back on my old comment, I could see I was being a bit rude and brash. But I do still believe that there have been a lot of crappy politicians, as well some good ones. Boris does genuinely show compassion and care for his country and people but Scots down in the mainland seem to rage just by mentioning his name. My family is heavily conservative and unionist, my dad's side is Glaswegian and has been devout Protestant Unionist since the religion was basically invented. They seem to lean more to Boris's way of thinking. I don't know much about politics so I'm mostly neutral on it all, I just want what's best for our little island. Boris seems to be doing a decent job at the moment and the country doesn't look as if it's about to explode into a million pieces. But that isn't to say I like him either, nor do I like Nicola Sturgeon. I don't like what SNP have done with education and I'm sceptical of the independence referendum. I don't think all of the PMs have been corrupt, but nobody is perfect.

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