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New Fair Isle Bird Observatory

Loki Viking

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It's great to see a new New Fair Isle Bird Observatory rising literally from the ashes and it is a much loved establishment but man alive, the new building looks so drab and awful.


That treated larch timber looks horrendous after a couple of months of weathering aka the new Anderson High School.


Could they not paint it in some kind of colour?.



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Never mind the new een, how much longer are they going to keep the report under wraps on what all went wrong that contributed to the last one turning in to a pile of sweepings.


Lots of questions, even more 'rumours', absolutely eff all answers a year on........Its difficult to get enthusiastic about another one that looks not much unlike the Jonas one, when theres no info or reassurance that its flaws have all been identified and addressed.


Personally I'd suggest they seriously consider concrete this time, it tends to last longer (Sullom blocks excepted) so they might not have to demolish and rebuild it all every 25 years like those they've had with the previous incarnations, it doesn't burn, and is no worse a shade of gray from the start than weathered wood becomes by the end of its first year. I suppose they could paint it some garish colour every year, but on a building that size the material and labour costs accumulating year on year will soon exceed the initial construction cost saving.


Anyway, whatever they end up with can only be a better look than what is becoming the Council Housing and Amenity Trust standard......weathered, blistering flaking paint everywhere.

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