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Hello, I do not know how old this Harvard H-407 is but I assume that it uses the old frequencies and would therefore not be of much use. I have looked on the internet to try and find out when they came out but have not had much luck. The new frequencies I have found came out in 1981.  Any idea. Thank you.

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I would guess that your radio was manufactured in the early 80's.  CB Radio was "legalised"(?) in the UK in 1981 and there was a mad rush of manufacturers flooding the market with, literally, hundreds of "badge engineered" radios.


Here's a link for you that details the original UK CB Frequency allocation;




The Harvard appears to have used the same board as the Amstrad CB901 (and a few other makes).


Here's a link to the Owners Manual




Newer radios have 2 bands.  The original "UK40" 27.60125 - 27.99125Mhz,(FM only) and the "new" "CEPT40" 26.965 - 27.405Mhz (AM/FM/SSB) whilst your Harvard will only have the original "UK 40" FM channels.


I wouldn't say that the radio was of no use.  The original UK 40 is probably fairly quiet these days but, great if you want to avoid all the "clatter" that comes out of Europe when "skip" conditions are in favour(?) of it..

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Used to have a couple, one being a Cobra..


Built my own aerials back in the day.


Did you know an unwrapped cheese triangle give you about 3 mile range, but only last half an hour before they dry out !

(I like to experiment..)


What are the legal frequencies you can use these days ?

I remember making one of these aerials from a few old florescent tube light covers that had been thrown away, since they was made of aluminium:


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There are quite a few Amateur Radio users on Shetland.  Might be worth trying to look up a few of them.


There always was a CB Radio Group(s) here (Viking Radio (the biggest) + a couple of others).  VR1 (Jim Bruce (the founder) died a little while back.  End of an era.


I used to build my own wire antennas.  Dipoles, Delta Loops, Quad Loops etc.  It was very absorbing but, ultimately, not as good as sex.  :mrgreen:

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