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Lockdoon activities

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Managing to get lots of small jobs done around the house, would love to do some decorating and modernising of some rooms, but can’t get the materials needed, typical, have time to do it, but no stuff :-(  


not found time so far to pick up a book, but will no doubt turn to that sometime soon. Next job is to ruffle through all cupboards, drawers and files to have a clear out. Canna put da bruck tae da dump though and I’m sure da essay kert will no want piles o bags oot, so I doot it’ll be piled up in da shed.


best to keep busy and active where possible.

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On 02/04/2020 at 07:25, NullVoid said:

Watching Ice Station Zebra and The Conqueror on loop


 Moreover, I have to learn almost everything by myself because I don't understand anything at school but my teachers have big requirements. So, whenever I have the opportunity I use the Polished Paper coupon to edit my essays as I am not good at writing, and in this way, I can see where I should work more.

I wish my city would do something like that because as a student I don't have many opportunities.

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