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Income affected by lockdown?

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If you've savings of £16,000 or over, you won't be eligible for universal credit. If you live with your partner, you must make a joint claim. Your partner's income and savings will be taken into account, even if they aren't eligible for universal credit.

So anyone who was saving for a deposit now has to eat away at their savings to make sure they don't have it after the plague restrictions has blown over but wait there are other options






So anyone using these or going to need them,

3-6 Months reviewed every 3 weeks  is the stated time hopefully it doesn't get delayed like the last thing the government said they were going to "Get Done"


Anything i missed?

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but forget government loans via some banks if you have property, even as an individual


During the potato famine farmers (not raising beef) were unable to get aid from the British government if their farm was too big.

Solution sell half to beef farmer so Ireland can continue to export more beef instead of growing crops locals can actually afford.


Small (nonessential) business are shut down because the only way to effectively compete is to provide what they wouldn’t go the extra mile to provide.


Only the one size fits all big boys are allowed to operate.



Did you notice very few people younger than 45 own their house but almost everybody older either does or doesn’t want to?

If the young adults of today are just less hard working than their parents why did so many of their grandparents often live in slums or housing that would not look out of place centuries ago?


Get rid of affordable housing turn property market into Ponzi scheme.


Families and those expecting a baby rarely buy houses these days but it was for a few decades the norm


Notice these are not money government is giving them for shutting them down its just a way to put financially responsible businesses into debt bondage.


Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants but debt is the money of slaves.



Honestly i think we need a way citizens should organize with local lenders to help our local business,

those of us that have savings why not have bonds that they could reimburse us for later.

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