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Shetland in box again

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Just had a look at the new Clydesdale £20 note which is very good with an image of Robert the Bruce complete with the famous spider and a web if you look closely enough  which i thought was a nice touch  however on both sides they have an image of Scotland but with Shetland in a box like the old days . I thought it was law now not to do that . Given the size of the note it would have been easy to arrange it so as Shetland would appear in its correct location as it is it looks like we were an after thought and just stuck in afterwards . They managed to get the remote tiny island of st Kilda in its proper location however even to the extent of writing its name alongside . 

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Thinking outside the box for a second but Anyone here into numismatics?


I remember there being a person who would buy and sell coins so you could for example sell a £2 coin for £5 if that coin had a special design they wanted and she would resale it for a bit more..


People also trade deactivated and expired bank cards belonging to dead people,

The most interesting aspect of numismatics is the fact that monetary items are bought and sold at more than their face value.


Anyone in Shetland doing these sorts of things?


On a side note my favorite designs are a tie between the Seychelles “Sex” and “Scum” note and the Matthew Boulton and James Watt £50.

"I can think of nothing else but this machine"

Like a perfect slogan for coveting an item you wish to buy


"I sell here, Sir, what all the world desires to have - POWER"

What a profound statement to put on money


Having those quotes alone makes this my favorite note design


I challenge you to find a better quote written on a note!




Scum written under the turtle

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I wouldn't worry about it, we know where we are, and as for them lot south of the Pentland Firth, it's all the better for us when they can find us, they're always after getting something for cheap.

can = can't.......Even!


One of these days I really need to get around to learning how to type............ :blink:

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