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sub keg

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does anybody use sub kegs thinking about buying a machine not sure if its worth the money or not


Seems like a propriety system like Juicero or Soda stream.


You will likely be paying a premium for specialist peripherals and Vendor lock-in since you can only order mini kegs that fit your specific model,

if they change the design or the other brand becomes more popular you are out of luck.


Plenty of these type of machine have flopped like the Keurig KOLD, which had GENUINE COCA COLA,

Soda stream gets by on whats basically store brand pop but if a competitor can fail with such a brand your beer machine can flop just as easily.


is what your buying anything more than a tap with peltier cooler?

Seems like an expensive toy that holds just under 4 pints.

might be better to look into how it works and build a tap, probably cost you less


the only apparent advantage seems to be the bigger bottles/cans just get your own tap built,

maybe they have the same amount of fizz that blows champagne corks off, the Subs have some release mechanism inside bit probably not too complicated

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