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Scottish Government's proposed Hate Crime legislation


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I guess that's going to put an end to all 'An Englishmen, Irishman and Scotsman.....' jokes then.


Englishmen, Irishmen and Scotsmen are pretty much "over" in a few generations, Politically speaking.

Ever wonder why Tony Blair loved blowing up Arab countries and destroying their infrastructure while inviting them to settle, High birth rate plenty of children to kill, his favorite type of game


Chart from 2019 British religion in numbers

The SNP has an image challenge ahead of it in the next few years



Nicola Sturgeon has admitted she wishes she could change her party’s name because of the “hugely, hugely problematic” connotations of the word nationalism around the world.

The First Minister said that if she could turn the clock back to the formation of the Scottish National Party in 1934, she would not have the word “national” in the name.

She made the surprising admission during a debate at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, where a Turkish author said nationalism had a very negative and ugly meaning for her, and asked if it could “ever be benign”.


In The US, England, Wales And possibly soon Ireland they will have one last hurrah with a "Right wing" party before that fizzles out and the one party becomes the only party once the demographic shift completes.


The Democrats in the US and the Labour party in the UK have made themselves as the party of immigrants while their controlled opposition the party of Nationalist/patriots whatever you want to call it.


the SNP needs to keep its "national" image to hold onto the old guard but it will likely seek an gradual change of name and branding to better appeal to the millions of "New Scots" they will be encouraging to settle




And YES there will be a selective process to weed out the people most likely to integrate/assimilate



A Pakistani Christian woman’s appeal to Britain for asylum has been denied because her arrival in the country may stir civil unrest, HuffPost UK has been told.

Asia Bibi, a Christian farm labourer, was released from prison in Pakistan on Wednesday after being acquitted of blasphemy. She had spent eight years on death row after an argument with a group of Muslim women in June 2009.


Campaigners working to secure Bibi’s move abroad said the UK government had not offered her asylum, citing security concerns.

Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said two countries had made firm offers of asylum, but Britain was not one of them.

“I’ve been lead to believe that the UK government had concerns that her moving to the UK would cause security concerns and unrest among certain sections of the community


This is your future

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^Of course, it could be worse. We could pander to Westminster.

Are you willing to have less freedom and get screwed harder if it cuckolds them?



Westminster will demand it of us.


‘Panic’ over the Union prompts Boris Johnson’s Scottish visit


Just imagine what an independent Scotland would be like under SNP:


First action once free from Westminster tyranny BAN manspreading and mansplaining.

Second action remove all the Straight white male monuments on Scottish soil and replace them with monuments to the nations true heroes.

The African Romans who built Britain.

Prisoners will likely still be able to vote so SNP will be able to lock up their whole “Nationalist” base without losing a single vote LOL


"The SNP leader said she was still subjected to “mansplaining” in an interview with the Herald newspaper to mark International Women’s Day."


To celebrate you go to the local socially distanced pub cubicle and drink the night away,

Little did you know you would fall asleep and your knees would apart beyond the legal 20 cm limit and you wake up in court for manspreading!

Your court appointed lawyer does not speak your language and despite xir best efforts it at a loss of how to respond, You stand up speak directly to the judge you argue your case logically and reasonably but before you know it you are also on trial for mansplaining and hurting your lawyers feelings.

No matter what you do you just cant seem to avoid making things worse so you just be quiet!

Assault and Battery is added to the charges because”silence is violence”

the court sentences you to rehabilitation as a Kathoey to bolster your local areas diversity and treat your “Toxic Masculinity”.

You are finally released and a week later you come home form your first shift at hooters to find a gigantic bull dike robbing your domicile, you reach for the phone but a bolt of fear runs over you as you ponder if you truly fear Wendy more than the authorities.


After a scuffle ensues the assailant feels your budge and shouts in surprise


“I didn’t think there were any of those left”


She leaps out of the window with you in her arms onto her flying motorcycle embracing you like the sensitive young woman you have become against your will and she rides far far away to the promised land of the EU far far away …


. . . From Westminster

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An awful lot happened before the socalled African Romans turned up, if they ever did. When did mesolithic man walk across Doggerland, from Scandinavia to Shetland?


Doggerland - The Europe That Was


But yes, we do need to be free of Westminster. IMO of course.

Interesting how most of the countries surrounding this flooded area are known for their naval prowess

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^The oldest recovered boat in the world, the Pesse canoe, found in the Netherlands, is a dugout made from the hollowed tree trunk of a Pinus sylvestris that was constructed somewhere between 8200 and 7600 BC. That's about the time that Doggerland turned into the North Sea. Naval skills at the root?

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