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Scottish Government's proposed Hate Crime legislation


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^What is Gondwana?


Spot the difference between the south end and the north, a long time ago when mankind wasn't a big deal.

The Yellow in this map shows approximate location of land formerly Avalonia

the bulk of Scotland is Laurentia the geographical features of Avalonia and Laurentia have heavily affected how the land can be cultivated and to what extent.



Of course the original inhabitants of Laurentia were actually BLACK as was everyone else in history from King George to the KKK to George Washington to Shakespeare himself although The white devil stole their history and accomplishments

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SNP to make misogyny a hate crime with seven years in jail but misandry will be ok .Where's this equaliy we keep hearing about it seems the SNP intend to make some people more equal than others .  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-53526843


There is a double standard.

If you say there is a behavioral difference between average adult male and average adult male.


You are a sexist Men and women are equal, only discrimination has caused differential outcomes.

Unless you can argue women are better at something in which case they are more equal.


The purpose of this "Hatespeech" rule is to stifle discussion and cancel debate,



Dont even need to find a partiasn tabloid to make my point even a left wing source expresses concerns

"NHS use of puberty blockers legal challenge begins"


related story




thee number of young people referred to the gender-identity development service rose from 678 in 2014-15 to 2,590 in the past year.


Of these 2,590:


    more than 1,700 wanted to transition to male

    624 wanted to transition to female

    most were in their early to mid-teens

    171 were under 10


Its anti LGBTP "Hate" and Misogyny to object the normalization of sexchanges on prepubescents.


You can be classified as a misogynist for saying men and women have different outcomes in life due to their biology,

While at the same time experiments are being done with hormones on children in schools and in the US on younger prisoners do see how they impact physiological and psychological development.

Letting the Regressive left march forward Unopposed as it currently is will result in them getting more and more confident and before you know it they will be going full Josef Mengele and calling YOU a nazi for pointing it out


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